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A Night of Celebration!

Last Thursday we went out for sushi to celebrate Justyn’s job offer from K. Hovnanian Homes!!!  It was also kind of a late birthday dinner too – thanks to some extra “moolah” as a gift to Justyn from my mom and step-dad. We had a lot of fun!  The food was amazing and we were […]

Movie Day with the Girls

Justyn and I took Michaela and Kylie to see Finding Nemo in 3D on Sunday!  It was the first time either Justyn or I had seen a movie in 3D…  pretty cool.  I think the girls had a lot of fun too!  They got to have a bunch of sugary snacks and giggled the whole […]

Our Little Husker Pup

Marley and me on game day! Ain’t he cute???

Happy Birthday Justyn!

Today is my husband’s birthday – 35 this year!  I had to come up with something creative to give him for his birthday…  but with our current situation, I had to limit the expense.  I think he liked it well enough and Marley sure was excited too! Here’s the idea:  From the Sound of Music […]

Fancy Badge Reels

If you are required to carry an ID badge or access card around all day at work, then you definitely understand why a badge reel is oh-so-important to use!  Well, just yesterday I noticed this girl at work (Danielle) had an extra “blingy” badge reel.  I just had to ask about it…  and since I […]

You gotta have Faith

Justyn has two more interviews scheduled for later this week!!!  We can’t hardly wait until the job search is over…  such a stressful time in life.  Just trying to remember that God has our best interests at heart and something will eventually work out – and it will be perfect! 

Arizonans for Two Weeks

Yep – that’s right, we’ve been living in Arizona for two whole weeks now!  Honestly though, it feels like it’s been much longer because of all that has happened since we left Nebraska. This weekend was really great for Justyn and I.  We seem to have found not only our favorite sports bar…  but we’re also […]

Today’s Football Brunch: Ham & Potato Bake

With the Husker game starting at 9:00 AM in Arizona…  I decided to make Justyn and I a hearty dish for brunch.  This Ham and Potato Bake recipe that’s been floating around pinterest seemed like a pretty good fit. Courtesy of “Exclusively Food”.  The website actually has some really good step-by-step photos, but I thought I would […]

Bodee’s 1st Birthday Tomorrow!!!

The sweetest and cutest little baby in the whole world is going to celebrate his very 1st birthday tomorrow!  Justyn and I just adore our little nephew Bodee.  We’re so bummed to be missing out on his birthday party this weekend, but we will be thinking a lot about him and his parents – Bryan […]

A Delicious Ravioli Dinner Tonight

Tonight I put a little extra effort into dinner.  I used a recipe for ravioli from the “live better america” website:  Ravioli with Tomato Alfredo Sauce.  And I even made a little side salad too – spinach with chopped almonds, dried cranberries, diced carrots, cucumber, and croutons.  It turned out to be a pretty awesome dinner!  […]