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Arizonans for Two Weeks

Yep – that’s right, we’ve been living in Arizona for two whole weeks now!  Honestly though, it feels like it’s been much longer because of all that has happened since we left Nebraska.

This weekend was really great for Justyn and I.  We seem to have found not only our favorite sports bar…  but we’re also pretty certain we found the church that’s meant for us too!

Last night we took our 2nd trip up the street to watch football at this new little sports bar.  It’s just like any sports bar, but this one has an awesome outdoor patio (with tv’s) and the food is really REALLY good!  All types of sports fans come to this bar…  last night we enjoyed sitting next to a die-hard Stanford fan who was full of excitement while his team upset the #2 ranked USC.  We’ve had so much fun at the bar that we decided to make a routine of spending our Saturday nights there (for football season at least).

Now to talk a little about the church we attended tonight.  Let me first say that we did try a different Catholic church last week, however both Justyn and I left with mixed feelings and a lot of uncertainty.  So, walking into mass tonight, we were hoping for something great but our expectations weren’t very high.  Well…  I’m happy to say that we were pleasantly surprised!

Justyn was won over by the church instantly, when before mass began the priest led the parishioners in singing the Arizona Cardinal’s fight song following their win today over New England.  I needed a little something more before I was convinced.  Amazingly, I didn’t have to wait long…  here are the many things I found to be heart-warming:

  • They asked anyone who was attending mass there for the first time to stand up.  Once we did, we received a welcoming applause 🙂
  • The priest is a wonderfully illustrative story-teller.  He presented his homily in an interactive way that made us feel excited to be listening to his message.
  • During the Lord’s Prayer, everyone (and I do mean everyone) joined hands.  Even across the aisle, people stepped out and together to connect.  It was beautiful – as corny as that may sound!
  • When we exchanged a “sign of peace” with those nearby, the couple in front of us were quick to welcome us to the church.  They asked where we were from and even told us they look forward to seeing us in mass again.
  • Then, as we were walking out, another woman stopped us to say hi and welcomed us to the church.

Wow.  Such a great experience for us!  We’re so excited and happy to feel so welcomed at this new church.  God has an eye on us I think…  probably because I know so many of our family and friends back home have been keeping us in their prayers.  To you all – we send our most sincere “Thank You”!


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