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Muffins for Tomorrow Morning

I had originally planned to bake these muffins while Justyn’s parents were visiting, but…  well, that never really happened!  So, I decided to make them tonight instead and take the extras to work tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll just say they’re for Halloween…  why not?  The recipe is another from Taste of Home (my go-to site for […]

My 1st Scottsdale Shopping Trip!

Hard to believe it took me this long before I made it out to the mall.  Justyn is probably thinking just the opposite, I can hear him now… “Babe, do you really need these things?  You’ve got plenty of perfectly good clothes hanging in your closet.”  Boys, they’ll never understand a girl’s need for shopping! […]

Our Week In Pictures #1

As promised…  here are our pictures from the week! FRIDAY:  Justyn (texting his parents) as we start the weekend off right with an ice-cold beer at the bar! SATURDAY:  The craft supplies I ordered for my next project arrived in the mail! SUNDAY:  Justyn and I tried a new restaurant,  Over Easy, for Sunday brunch.  I had […]

Chicken Potpie

Tonight I made a healthy version of chicken potpie for dinner.  I used a recipe from Cooking Light called Chicken Root Vegetable Potpie.  I cut the recipe in half and changed out a few of the ingredients, so I have added my modified recipe below. 1 and 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth 3/4 cup frozen green […]

Our Showtime TV Obsession

We are completely obsessed with two television series on Showtime…  “Dexter” and “Homeland”.  Both shows air late on Sunday nights and both shows come close to stopping my heart with each episode! “Dexter” is in its 7th season already.  It’s a series about a serial killer (Dexter) who targets only other killers.  It’s strange because […]

I Love Saturday Breakfast!

The in-laws (a.k.a. Jim & Connie) are still here visiting, so of course I had to make something awesome for breakfast today.  I chose one of my favorites from Taste of Home:  Country Style Scrambled Eggs My picture does not speak well for the recipe, but here’s what is in the mix:  potatoes, onion, green […]

Challenge: A Photo A Day

I’m not the first blogger to try this idea and I’m not even close to calling myself a “photographer”.  However, with ideas to liven up our blog, I have decided to challenge myself to take just 1 photo every day of something that makes that day special.  Even on the worst of days, there’s always something […]

It’s Birthday Season!!!

Does anyone else feel like everyone’s birthday is in the Fall???  Just in Sept. and Oct. I think I can count nearly 15 friends and family’s birthdays.  One of them is today actually – Justyn’s mom, Connie!  Luckily for us, we actually get to see both of Justyn’s parents tomorrow.  They are flying in for […]

Our trip to “The Rim”

This weekend was our camping trip to Payson, AZ.  We drove up to the Mogollon Rim and set up camp at the very top!  It was such a fun adventure for us…  actually, I think Marley had the time of his life.  The temperatures up there were much colder than down in the valley. It […]

Packing for Camping

Lots of work to get ready for this weekend’s camping trip…  I’m exhausted! This is my borderline OCD way of organizing everything.  Worst part is, I actually think it’s fun!  Hahaha. How about this?  Small containers for the ketchup, mustard and relish.  So we don’t have to pack 1/2 the fridge! Candy s’mores for dessert!  Reese’s, […]