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Shelf Decorations

Here is the major craft project that has been keeping me busy for the last couple weeks.  Justyn was kind enough to hang the shelves for me, and then helped give encouragement as I tried all sorts of ideas until I was finally finished with this!

I even used that idea from pinterest for twine-wrapped vases.  I just found a couple of small glass vases in the cabinets (you know the ones you keep but from the florist, but never really use for anything) and then used the twine that I already had in my craft supplies.

It was actually quite time-consuming wrapping and hot-gluing the twine around the vases.  I think if I used a wider twine it would have probably been a lot easier!

The wreath was actually pretty easy to put together.  I found a nice cascading greenery plant from Hobby Lobby that I cut down into individual pieces.  Using just a little bit of hot-glue, I was able to wedge each piece into the grape-vine wreath to keep them secure.


One comment on “Shelf Decorations

  1. Becky, these look great. I need to do some crafting. You’re inspiring me!

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