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The Weekend is Coming!

It’s a 3-day weekend for me AGAIN!  With Columbus Day this Monday and my off-Friday from work tomorrow, I’ve luckily had nice and short work week.  No complaints here!

So, we’ve planned to take a trip up to the Mountains to do a little camping this weekend now that it has finally started to cool down a bit.  Both Justyn and I are excited about the trip.  With the wedding this summer and the big move, it will be our first time camping this year.  We are hoping to do a little hiking, maybe some fishing, and there will definitely be campfire s’mores!  I’ll be sure to post pictures when we get back.

A lot of people have been asking about Justyn’s new job.  I’ll have to put the pressure on him to write about it sometime in the near future.  But until then, it sounds as though the 1st week has just been full of training!  Fun. Fun. Fun.  However, he has told me that he thinks he will be working with “a really great group”.

I hope everyone has a great Friday!  I’m probably going to sleep-in tomorrow before I start packing for our weekend outdoors…  and of course I’ll get to hang out with my favorite four-legged buddy all day log! 🙂


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