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Our Week In Pictures #1

As promised…  here are our pictures from the week!

FRIDAY:  Justyn (texting his parents) as we start the weekend off right with an ice-cold beer at the bar!

SATURDAY:  The craft supplies I ordered for my next project arrived in the mail!

SUNDAY:  Justyn and I tried a new restaurant,  Over Easy, for Sunday brunch.  I had the MOST Amazing french toast of my entire life (made using a french bread called ‘brioche’).   It was super light and fluffy, I had no idea french toast could be so delicious!

MONDAY:  Presidential Debates…  who are you voting for???

TUESDAY:  I just bought new pillows for the couch.  So, of course the dog thinks they’re just for him to enjoy.  I thought I’d try to keep him off…  but that only worked for a few hours.  It’s just so hard to say “no” to this adorable face!

WEDNESDAY:  Sick day 😦  I stopped on my way home from work to pick up a few drinks to make me feel better faster!

THURSDAY:  Today I stopped by Hobby Lobby for just a few things…  I LOVE that store!  So much crafting to do now 🙂


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