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Our Week in Pictures #6

It’s hard to believe I’ve been posting weekly pictures for 6 weeks now.  I’m still not sure if I like this whole idea or not… but I’ll keep with it for a while longer. Here’s Justyn with his Black Friday purchase for 2012.  He got an amazing deal on this GIANT tv from Costco… you […]

Looks Like Winter!

Nah…  just kidding!  The weather is going to be simply perfect for the next few days.  Now, the big question is – what are we going to do this weekend?

Tuesday’s Christmas Ornament #4

This week’s ornament is fairly easy…  the hardest part might be trying to find the miniature grapevine wreaths that I used to make these. Supplies: Ribbon, Holiday Floral Branches, and Miniature Grapevine Wreaths (I got mine from Hobby Lobby). Instructions: 1.  Clip small segments from the floral branch.  Use a hot glue gun to secure […]

D.I.Y. Holiday Card Display

Here’s a great way to display your holiday cards this year!  Better than posting them on the fridge. Supplies: Cheap Cork Board, Wooden Craft Letters, Holiday Print Fabric, Paint, Ribbon, and Glitter Instructions: 1. Paint the border around the cork board (you’ll probably need two coats of paint). 2. After the wooden letters are painted, […]

Tomato-Herb Steak with Garlic Red Potato Mash

Dinner tonight was fantastic and so very easy to prepare!  This will most definitely become a staple for us.  YUM! Recipes:  Tomato Herb Marinated Flank Steak from Eating Well and Garlic Red Bliss Mash from the Food Network.

Thanksgiving with Friends

We didn’t make it back to Nebraska for the holiday this year.  Really a bummer not to see our families yesterday… but I guess I will have to get used to that now.  Sad, but at least I know next year will be different! So, instead of the traditional celebration, our friends here in Arizona […]

Our Week in Pictures #5

Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving, I decided to bump our weekly pictures up one day.  So, here are the pictures from this week… Last Friday we went out to the Scottsdale Quarter for some drinks and appetizers!  Here’s JK at our first stop TK’s Urban Tavern Although we did NOT order dessert, I really liked their […]

Tuesday’s Christmas Ornament #3

These “Scrabble Tile Ornaments” are my favorite so far!  I just love how they turned out and can’t wait to hang them in our tree after we put it together this weekend.  I’m extra eager to get the Christmas tree up this year… but I have this rule to wait until after Thanksgiving.  I don’t […]

Sunday’s Scenic Drive – The Apache Trail

Yesterday we set out a fun little adventure and drove down to the Apache Trail located in the southern part of the Tonto National Forest.  The weather was PERFECT and the scenery was breathtaking!  There’s no way to photograph the beauty we saw yesterday, but I tried my best…  then decided to just take a video […]

Greasewood Flats

Justyn and I finally managed to make it out to Greasewood Flats this weekend!  We really had a great time…  and quite possibly made some new friends while we were there. Such a fun place – the rustic outdoors, picnic tables, beer, good food and live music. I love the decor here:  a string of […]