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More Time for Life

I saw this on pinterest today and if any words could explain why I’m so happy nowadays, the words above are just it!

I can honestly say I have been rushing through life for the last 7 years or more.  While I was in college at Northwest, I always had at least two jobs…  just to afford my $250 month’s rent, bills, and keeping up with friends.  After graduation, my first job consisted of 90% travel for field work… always on the go, I rarely had time for me!  When I decided to move to Omaha I was thrilled to be closer to home, family and friends.  Maybe I was trying to play catch up, but I always wanted to spend my free time with family and friends.  Also, the new job required less travel but many more work hours, including weekends…  it seemed every time I turned around I was working overtime.

So, here I am today, living far from all family and friends (now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not exactly happy about this) and I have a regular Mon-Fri, 40-hour a week job with no travel at all!  It’s truly amazing how much time I have for myself these days.  I feel like I finally get to do all the things I’ve always wanted to.  I’m crafting all of the time (obviously), I get outdoors whenever I can, my husband and I get to spend good quality one-on-one time together, I’m enjoying my kitchen by fixing new delicious dinners all of the time, and most importantly…  I catch myself actually relaxing and taking the time to simply enjoy this wonderful life!

We all have so much to be thankful for, it’s just hard to sometimes realize this until you really slow down, take a step back and look at how perfect life really is.  How fitting that Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  I think I know exactly what I am thankful for this year.


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