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Our Week in Pictures #5

Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving, I decided to bump our weekly pictures up one day.  So, here are the pictures from this week…

Last Friday we went out to the Scottsdale Quarter for some drinks and appetizers!  Here’s JK at our first stop TK’s Urban Tavern

Although we did NOT order dessert, I really liked their menu… a Root Beer Float – that’s awesome, I love those!  Plus they have a “Baked Cookie Dough”, but on second thought… would that just be a cookie?  I don’t know, maybe I’m not fancy enough to understand.

Me, at Brio!  My favorite place at the Kansas City Plaza was Brio, so I’m super excited to once again live so close to this wonderful restaurant.  Wine + Tuscan Menu = Yum, yum!

Just in case you forgot about our dog… here’s a cute picture of our Marely!

I met up with Kate this week for lunch (since we both work downtown).  It was my first time at the Phoenix CityScape.  We ate at this neat little place called Chloe’s Corner.  It was so nice to get together with  a familiar face…  plus, she is just such great company (lot’s of fun girl-talk).

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  La Crema Chardonnay  was on sale at the grocery store…  only $15!  Plus, I picked up this great floral centerpiece from North Scottsdale Floral for the very special Mariucci family who have so kindly invited us over to share in their Thanksgiving celebration.


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