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Thanksgiving with Friends

We didn’t make it back to Nebraska for the holiday this year.  Really a bummer not to see our families yesterday… but I guess I will have to get used to that now.  Sad, but at least I know next year will be different!

So, instead of the traditional celebration, our friends here in Arizona invited us over to share in their family & friends Thanksgiving party.  We spent all day at Anne’s house (Tom’s sister), she has this really great place that has an incredible view of downtown Phoenix.  Justyn and I both had a great time with everyone, we were so lucky to get to spend the day with such amazing people!

I loved how they served the veggies, all wrapped together with red cabbage leaves!  Very cute.

Kylie with both of her Godparents – Justyn and Kimmie.

We played this game (left, right, center) and Amy won!  I wonder how she decided to spend her loot of $18???

I guess Tom was getting ready to take the turkey out of the oven…

How cute are these?  Those pilgrim toppers are just perfect.

Michaela & Kylie after a little swim…  such cute little sweethearts!

After dinner, girl-talk and relaxation by the pool.  It was such a beautiful evening!


One comment on “Thanksgiving with Friends

  1. wow! That house looks amazing! So happy you had such a great Thanksgiving! Miss You!

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