Tuesday’s Christmas Ornament #4

This week’s ornament is fairly easy…  the hardest part might be trying to find the miniature grapevine wreaths that I used to make these.


Ribbon, Holiday Floral Branches, and Miniature Grapevine Wreaths (I got mine from Hobby Lobby).


1.  Clip small segments from the floral branch.  Use a hot glue gun to secure individual pieces to the wreath.

2.  Arrange the floral berries along the bottom left (or bottom right) side of the wreath.

3.  Clip a generous length of ribbon and tie into a single loop.

4.  Attach the ribbon to the top of the wreath, use a small amount of hot glue to secure the ribbon in place.  Then you’re all ready to hang the ornament on your tree!


2 comments on “Tuesday’s Christmas Ornament #4

  1. Becky …I love all your ornaments! #4 is really nice.

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