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New Kitchen Table!

We finally got ourselves a kitchen table!  Woohoo 🙂  I guess it was kind of our big Christmas gift this year since we decided not to buy eachother gifts.  However, Justyn did have to put everything together after he picked it up from the warehouse.  Don’t worry though…  I think he liked having a project to work on.

144After the table and chairs were all set up, I asked Justyn to help me with my little project.  We filled 100 little bags with chocolates and candy canes to hand out on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to all the people we run into (especially those who have to work during the holiday).  Just a little something to spread the Christmas cheer! 🙂

145This ended up taking a little more time than we expected.  So, we had to finish up the next morning (this explains why I’m in my pj’s and without makeup – sorry about that).

146Here they are, all finished and ready to be passed out!  So far this morning we have already passed out 5 bags – 3 at breakfast (to our servers at OverEasy) and the other 2 went to our neighbor and his little boy.  Still a lot more to go…  but it should be a fun experience!  Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!



One comment on “New Kitchen Table!

  1. Love the table – and what a SWEET idea!!

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