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Fun New Band: Haim

Although music plays a big part in both of our lives, I really haven’t blogged at all about this topic.  Well, that’s about to change because I’m very intrigued by this new band. Their name is “Haim” and it’s a girl band (obviously) and all sisters.  They’re from California and have become well recognized in the […]

“Tut, tut, looks like rain.”

On my drive in to work this morning, I found myself quoting Winnie the Pooh.  Today it’s all dark and dreary and kind-of sprinkley.  No, that’s not a word, but it should be, it’s the perfect way to describe the way it is raining today. Oh, Christopher Robin… So cute!  Now, I’d really like to […]

Mediterranean Chicken & Couscous Wrap

Last night I tried something new for dinner and it was fantastic!  I have a new-found love for couscous…  it’s so light and fluffy and yummy!  I was craving something with couscous yesterday so I searched for any recipe I could find that used this ingredient.  This recipe, Mediterranean Wrap, from the Eating Well website looked […]


I promise, I am back for good and will be paying much more attention to this blog of our’s! Nothing really all that exciting has happened since Christmas…  Justyn caught the flu, and I tried all I could to keep my distance and avoid falling victim to his scary germs!  So far, so good.  Now, […]