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I promise, I am back for good and will be paying much more attention to this blog of our’s!

Nothing really all that exciting has happened since Christmas…  Justyn caught the flu, and I tried all I could to keep my distance and avoid falling victim to his scary germs!  So far, so good.  Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed to stay healthy through the rest of the cold/flu season!  He’s feeling much better now… fixing up a plate of nachos and watching the 49ers on TV this afternoon.

We have lots of family visiting us here in Arizona at the end of the month!  Justyn’s parents are flying in next week to go to the Phoenix Open.  We plan to go with them (at least one day) for some fun on the golf course!  Then, Justyn’s brother, Aaryn, plans to visit the very next week.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Marley has been his same old self…  still loves to cuddle, going on walks, and getting into trouble!  Here are pictures of his latest mischief:

30Now, I have to admit, I blame myself for this…  well, I take maybe 25% of the responsibility anyways.  Marley has his very own bath towels.  After his recent shower, I put the clean towels on top of his kennel instead of inside his little storage box.  I then put Marley in his kennel and left for work… completely forgetting that he actually has a particular fascination for chewing on towels.

After a full day of work, I came home to find this:

31Yes, he slowly pulled and chewed the towels through the small openings on his kennel.  Pretty sure he ate some of the towel too – but this wasn’t discovered until Marley was taken out the next day for his morning poo.

You may notice, there was a perfectly new toy (that green, white, and red thing) available for him to chew on as much as his little heart desired.  Someone is just a little “too good” for the toys that we pick out for him!


One comment on “I’m BACK!

  1. Yay! You are back. Good luck with not getting the flu. It seems like everyone here is sick. It makes me want to walk around with hand Sanitizer holding my breath!

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