Mediterranean Chicken & Couscous Wrap

Last night I tried something new for dinner and it was fantastic!  I have a new-found love for couscous…  it’s so light and fluffy and yummy!  I was craving something with couscous yesterday so I searched for any recipe I could find that used this ingredient.  This recipe, Mediterranean Wrap, from the Eating Well website looked delicious!  So, I gave it a try…



34Yum, Yum, Yum!  I can’t wait to have the left-overs for dinner tonight!  Such a light and fresh dinner that’s also very filling.

I changed the recipe just a bit:  I used an entire box of the Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Couscous, I completely omitted the 1/2 cup fresh mint, and when mixing the remaining parsley mixture into the couscous, I only used 1 tablespoon of the mixture instead of all that was remaining.


3 comments on “Mediterranean Chicken & Couscous Wrap

  1. ummm no. The temp was actually 2 this morning! Gross 😦

  2. oops, this was supposed to go on your post about it raining!

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