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“Tut, tut, looks like rain.”

On my drive in to work this morning, I found myself quoting Winnie the Pooh.  Today it’s all dark and dreary and kind-of sprinkley.  No, that’s not a word, but it should be, it’s the perfect way to describe the way it is raining today.

tumblr_llyspjGMNo1qfr1m4o1_500Oh, Christopher Robin…

tumblr_l2lg0qLIEA1qawsa2o1_500So cute!  Now, I’d really like to go back home and watch this movie.  Honestly, I can’t remember when the last time was that I actually sat down and watch a Winnie the Pooh movie.

So, because it NEVER rains here in the desert, I’m actually pretty excited for today!  I took a peek at the radar and it looks something like this:

rainThere’s another reason this rain is exciting…  the temperatures are still pretty warm.  I think the high for today is 75!

I know that all of you who are back in the Midwest probably hate me about now.  What’s the high there today, 10?  Guess you should start planning your trip to visit us today! 🙂



One comment on ““Tut, tut, looks like rain.”

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