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Justyn’s search for the BEST Citrus Juicer…

Maybe, just maybe, the search is finally over (fingers crossed).

My husband loves LOVES to make his own at-home margaritas!  His recipe changes from season to season, but the one ingredient that always stays the same is fresh squeezed lime juice… and lots of it!

We’ve been through 3 or 4 hand-press juicers in the last year/year and a half.  They seem to be too fragile for that super-manly, arm-strength-of-a-beast husband of mine (hahaha).  All have broken somewhere at the handle or hinge.

He has tried them all!  Plastic was by far the worst… I think that one made it through only 1.25 limes.  There have been a couple of stand-outs (pictured below) which have lasted at least a few months before breaking.

tools6-citrus-press-052709-lg-64259059This ceramic press from Crate & Barrel was our 1st juicer… it had a good 5-6 month run before it busted.

Citrus-Press-250x250This cast-iron press from Pottery Barn was a wedding gift.  And if I remember right, I think it was from my good friend Jerin?  We were sure there was no way this one could break.  I mean, look at this thing, how could anyone possibly damage this?  Well, sometime this past December during a night of margarita mixing, it just snapped.

So, I’ve been on the search to find something durable for Justyn to use.  I got to thinking that an electric juicer might be the key.  I started to look for a juicer at my favorite store in the whole-wide world:  Sur la table!  Good golly, I love that place!

I was pretty disappointed when I found out they didn’t have electric juicers in-stock… but then, the very helpful saleswoman asked if I had a kitchen aid stand mixer.  Why yes, I do!  She ended up selling me the citrus juicer attachment which was only $25!

Justyn put his new toy to use right away!

36It works like a charm.  Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to clean.  Best part is, the stand mixer already sits on the kitchen counter, so adding the attachment is just one simple little step.  Also, we don’t have another kitchen appliance that we need to find space for in our tiny little apartment.

35Pretty slick, huh?


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