Sending Some Love

This last week has really been a rough one for so many people I love.  My brother, John, called me last Wednesday to tell me the terrible news that his fiance’s dad had passed away suddenly from a heart-attack.  He was so young, only 52, and although I never got the chance to meet him, I know how much he was loved and admired by his family.  The Augustine family has been in our thoughts and prayers each night and every day.  My heart breaks for my future sister-in-law and I really wish I could be there with her and my brother to help in any way I possibly could!

Now, everyone has heard the expression:  “When it rains, it pours”, and this is most certainly the case for my brother.  On Sunday John received a phone call from the hospital in our home-town.  They were calling to let him know that our Dad had been taken to the hospital after falling and suffering a severe break somewhere in his leg/hip area.

Dad was later taken to another hospital in Lincoln for further medical assessments and to ultimately have surgery to repair the broken bones.  He had to wait more than 24 hours before the doctor would be ready for his surgery.  During this time he had to endure some imaginable pain!  At one point his pain was so bad that he could no longer talk to me on the phone.

But, there was good news!  The doctor reported that the surgery went very, very well.  Now Dad starts his long road to recovery…  he’s still in the hospital in Lincoln, but will soon be transferred back to his home-town hospital where he will continue rehab and therapy until they feel he is ready to take care of himself at home.  We will continue to pray for Dad’s recovery and remain hopeful for some serious pain relief!


Care Packages

Being so far away from everyone, I’ve felt so sad that I can’t be there to help out and give my support.  After sending flowers, plants, and get well balloons, all I could think of that was left to do was send a package back home filled with lots of goodies!

This Monday was a state holiday (President’s Day) and since I had the entire day off, I decided to spend my day baking.  I made brownies, blueberry muffins, and chocolate-chip cookies!  Once I finished baking, I stopped by Target to pick up a few other goodies to add to my box of love. 🙂

My care packages ended up with an Easter theme, simply because there was so many cute basket stuffing items to choose from at Target.  I put together two boxes – one for John & Paige, and one for dear-old Dad!

002What’s Inside:

Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, Easter Candy (whoppers, jelly belly beans, tic tacs), Stuffed Duck, Stuffed Bunny, and a Get Well Soon Card.

001Marley was trying his best to help out, he really wanted to send some of his love back to Grandpa Joe, Uncle John, and Aunt Paige.

Ok, no one really believes that, right?  Marley was just trying to figure out how to taste-test the baked goods before they were all boxed up and shipped off!  I’m sure he would have loved chewing off the heads of the cute little duck and bunny too.


5 comments on “Sending Some Love

  1. Thank you!!! The goodies were amazing, John and I already had a spat about who ate more than one muffin this morning!! lol I think we all know who that was! We have a hard time of letting go of the last goodies! lol But we still miss you guys and wish you were here!! Thanks again you guys are amazing!

  2. Becky, I’m so sad to hear about your dads leg. Tell him he is in our thoughts and prayers. we had hear about Paige’s dad earlier, awful news. Her and her family are also in our prayers.

  3. aww Becky, you’re so sweet. I bet they loved their care packages…and I bet Marley would have loved to chew the head off one of those candy rabbits too! 🙂

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