Bumpdate ~ 16 weeks



Baby is the Size of a:  Avocado

Food Cravings:  Any kind of Baked Goods:  Cookies, Cake, Brownies, etc.

Food Aversions:  Onions are the worst… that smell, that taste – ugh!  The only way I can eat an onion right now is if it’s a sweet onion that has been thoroughly cooked and mixed into the food.

Looking Forward to:  Finding that perfect house, moving-in, and finally starting on a nursery for baby!

Maternity Clothes:  I have a feeling that maxi dresses are going to be my life-saver during this summer pregnancy in the desert!  Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Most designs are very affordable somewhere between $25-$50.
  • It’s easy, just one piece.  You don’t have to find a pair of pants to go with a shirt and vice-versa.
  • I honestly can’t think of anything that exists in women’s fashion that’s more comfortable.
  • They look cute and compliment the body well.
  • This will be the best way to stay cool during the hot summer months here in Arizona.

Old Navy recently had a maternity sale and I found these two maxi dresses:


Simple Black – currently only $25


Blue & Green Color-Block – currently only $28

Best Moment of the Week:  On Friday, my day off from work was spent mostly at the salon!  I got a pedicure, manicure and my first hair cut/color since our move.  The baby and me loved all the extra pampering and I feel like I got a little boost for my self confidence.  Much needed since I’m obviously starting to get a little bigger now… I knew the belly was coming, but it still takes a little getting used to when seeing that reflection look back at you from the mirror!

Worst Moment of the Week:  The unexpected (and very unwelcomed) return of morning sickness!  wtf?  I thought this nonsense was behind me?  Nope, I was wrong… back to struggling through hours of nausea and gagging at the slightest scent of something foul.

Newest Baby Purchase:  Diapers & Wipes!  During our trip to Costco last week, we decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get ahead of the game and stock up on some of those baby necessities.

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  I don’t have any good quotes for Justyn this week… but not to worry, he’s promised that he will have a couple of “good ones” this week so that I can “double up on ’em” for the next post.


2 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 16 weeks

  1. hair is looking good! You look so cute in that picture!!!

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