The Gregson’s Visit Arizona!

We had such a great time yesterday with my good friend from home, Jerin, and her husband, Robert.  They were in Arizona as part of a trip that Jerin won because she got some fancy-schmancy award at work.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a single picture while we were together… and because I think blog posts without pictures are boring, I just stole some pictures from the internet to use! 🙂

SOL Mexican CocinaFor lunch, we headed out to get something to eat at Sol Mexican Cocina.  Robert started us out right by ordering a flight of Don Julio!  And by “us”, I mean everyone but the pregnant chick.  It looked something like this:

3We all had some awesome food too!  The food style there is a little more “Baja fresh” with Mexican flavor…  not really your typical Mexican food restaurant.

menu2After lunch, we walked around the Scottsdale Quarter a little bit.  Peaking our heads into a couple of the shops, we actually spent the most time at the candy store where Robert was able to satisfy his sweet tooth with about 5lbs of Jelly Belly jelly beans!

Then we headed back to the resort where they were staying, the JW Marriot at Desert Ridge.  It’s really not a very nice place at all… HA!

cn_image_0.size.jw-marriott-desert-ridge-resort-spa-phoenix-phoenix-arizona-102766-1We sat by the pool for a few hours, had a couple of drinks and really enjoyed some entertaining conversation!  Justyn and I also tried our hardest to convince Jerin and Rob to make the move down to Arizona!  I think maybe we were at least able to talk them into visiting us again sometime in the future.  It’s just so nice down here… I mean who doesn’t love the sun and the warmth?

summer-resort-desert-ridgeWe really had such a great time with our friends!  I can’t wait until they come back so we can do it all over again.

Thanks to the Gregson’s for making the time to get together with us, we hope you two had a great time while you were here!


2 comments on “The Gregson’s Visit Arizona!

  1. Love this! I thought about pictures too after you left, boo 😦 ah well. All the more reason to come visit again!

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