Bumpdate ~ 23 weeks


Baby is the Size of a:  Grapefruit… he weighs about 1 pound!

Gender:  Boy

Food Cravings:  Cookies, Cake, and Pastries – all with Ice Cream!

Food Aversions:  Onions

Movement:  He’s still moving around quite a lot!  Justyn gets to feel him move almost every day now.  

Maternity Clothes:  I’ve been wearing gym shorts a lot lately.  They’re great right now… it’s starting to get too hot for pants and I love the elastic waist!

Best Moment of the Week:  Spending some quality time with the Kearney family!  We all had a great weekend… I’ll be posting a few pictures (hopefully later this week).

Worst Moment of the Week:  I’ve been putting a little too much on my plate lately – with the move, extra craziness at work, and our family visitors.  So, unfortunately I found myself to be both emotionally and physically exhausted over the last few days.  As embarrassing as this is to admit, I think my pregnancy breakdowns are almost as ridiculous as a child’s temper-tantrum.

I keep trying to tell myself that things don’t have to be perfect, that I don’t have to be perfect and that “it can wait” whatever it is that I think needs to be done right away.  It’s just so hard for me to let go… definitely something I’ll need to work on, especially with the baby coming.

Looking Forward to:  Getting the baby’s room all prepped, cute, and ready to go.

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  Justyn still likes to refer to the baby bump as my “boiler”.  So, I get a lot of these comments:  “Wow, that boiler of yours is really getting big” or “Could you move your boiler out of the way? I need to get through…”

Newest Baby Item(s): Baby Kearney got 2 new adorable outfits!!!

38Thanks Uncle Bryan, Aunt Carrie and Bodee for this “Later Gator” outfit!  I love it all… the colors, the plaid shorts, the socks!  Oh, so cute 🙂

37How cute is our little stud going to be in this???  I love that they make these athletic clothes in the miniature sizes!  Thanks Grammy and Papa.


6 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 23 weeks

  1. Pregnancy breakdowns aren’t fun, but I bet those adorable outfits helped cheer you up a bit! 🙂

  2. I really like your blog pregnancy updates!

  3. Awww I love your update posts! ! I’m pregnant with Baby #2, having a boy as well! 23 weeks 4 days along due August 16th! 🙂 Second baby, no name as of yet lol. “Boiler” lol… That’s so cute. These hormonal breakdowns are no fun AT ALL! But just try to think about the chubby cheeks waiting at the end of the tunnel lol 🙂

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