Moving Pictures

Lately, whenever I talk to friends on the phone, they ask me to share some pictures of the new house.  But, two weeks just hasn’t been enough time for me to completely unpack, decorate and situate everything they way I’d like it.  I actually think it will probably take me  a few months until the house is “picture ready”.

So for now, I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took the over the weekend we moved.

01Simply unpacking and organizing the kitchen took me the entire 1st day to finish.  But I was happy in the end because I finally have a kitchen big enough that there is actually space to store everything!

02We got the couch set up in the living room and Marley took a nap.

03 04

My pregnant butt was pulling weeds in the back yard while Marley did a little sun-bathing.

05 06

Before and after pictures of the backyard weeds!  OMG!  I never want to pull weeds again for the rest of my life… and I didn’t even do that much compared to my husband.  Poor Justyn was so very, very sore after squatting down and pulling weeds in the hot sun all day long!

07 08


We got our master bedroom all set up… and we slept so good those 1st few nights!


Marley’s favorite thing in the new house is the stairs.  He runs up, he runs down, he races us to the top and races us back to the bottom.  And to think, we really never planned on buying a two-story!

10My favorite closet!!!  Can’t wait to fill Baby Kearney’s room with all the cute and precious little things he will need.

11The guest bedroom is all set up and ready for visitors!

13Lastly, I just had to take a picture of our 1st dinner in the new house.  Justyn and I split a grilled steak and baked potato!  Plus we had a fun little cherry limeade to go with our meal.


2 comments on “Moving Pictures

  1. Love the sweet monkey onesy!

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