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Baby’s 1st Shower Gift!

We got a big package delivered to our house last week!  I was so confused because I hadn’t ordered anything that big and there was no return address on the outside of the box.  It had my name on it and my curiosity was going to drive me nuts, so I opened it right away!

107We got our Bumbo!!!  And that was my exact reaction.  I looked at Marley and excitedly said “we got our Bumbo!”  Then, just seconds later, Justyn walked through the door.  So, I shouted to him “Babe, we got our Bumbo!”

Justyn quickly came to see what all my excited was about.  Then we looked at the receipt to see who it was from… Kris & Dana Farris!  Thanks guys, we’re so excited about our very 1st shower gift!  We can’t wait until our little guy is here and big enough to use this. 🙂

Since we just moved to the new house, we haven’t actually had access to our mail box until late last week.  Once we opened this gift we decided we should check to see if any of our mail had arrived to our box yet.

In the gigantic stack of bills and junk mail, we found this:

106 - CopyI had to edit out the address, but it’s the invite for our “long-distance baby shower”.  Thanks to Justyn’s Aunts Marla, Joni and Pat for organizing this shower for us!  We feel so loved 🙂


One comment on “Baby’s 1st Shower Gift!

  1. […] I’ve already blogged on Kearney Keepings, our first Baby Shower gift was this Bumbo and Play Tray from Kris & Dana […]

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