My 1st Craft Project for the Baby

This morning before church (in only about an hour’s time), I started and finished a tiny little project for our baby’s closet!

010I ordered these closet dividers from Bump and Beyond Designs on Etsy!

There was a little bit of assembly required for these, but I always love a little craft project to keep me busy!  I actually ordered a 2nd set for a friend at work.  This friend is also pregnant (it’s a girl) and her due date is only two weeks before mine!  It’s been great having someone at the office to talk to and share pregnancy stories with.  I love it!

So, my order from Etsy came with these stickers and the little plastic dividers:

002All I had to do was cut out the circle-shape, peel off the backing and adhere to the plastic.  It was so easy and actually kind of fun to work on:

005Once I was finished with my friend’s dividers, I wrote her a little note and use some ribbon to attach the note to the closet dividers for her little girl.  I plan on leaving it on her desk tomorrow morning to surprise her!  I know it’s just something silly and small, but hopefully she will like it.



6 comments on “My 1st Craft Project for the Baby

  1. That is so sweet, this post shows how you love your baby! You’re such a creative mom. Your due date is near, looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of your little angel.

  2. These are so cute (and practical)! Love it!

  3. I totally just ordered two sets because of your blog! Love them! I was going to try to make them from scratch but this is the perfect balance between homemade and store bought. xo

    • Yay! I’m glad I could give you the idea. She’s a great seller, super quick shipping and has even thanked me for my post about her product. Makes me more excited to know she actually got some extra business from it too!

      Have fun! 🙂

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