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The Big Reveal: New Blog & Baby Shower

Over the last two weeks, I really got down to work and created a whole new blog!  The only purpose of this new blog is to share pictures and comments about Baby Kearney’s shower gifts with all of our family and friends.

More “About” the New Blog:

This new blog website of ours has been created to share pictures of all the cute and wonderful shower gifts we have received for Baby Kearney.

Since we live in Arizona now, many miles away from almost all of our family and friends, a traditional baby shower wouldn’t be possible for us.  Luckily, we have some pretty amazing family members who have organized two separate long-distance baby showers for our little boy who is due to arrive this August!

Invitations for the baby showers have recently been sent out in the mail and we have already started receiving packages at our doorstep.  Justyn and I can’t begin to put into words the amount of love we feel and appreciation we have for all of your kind words, generosity and support!  We feel so blessed to have such great friends and family.  You all are really awesome, and for that we’d like to say THANK YOU!

Only a short time now until we get to meet our sweet little boy.  We can’t wait to hold him and give him all of the love and care he needs.  We also look forward to the day when he gets to meet all of you!  Because you are special to us, we know you will be special in our baby’s life as well.

105To view/follow the new blog, please go to –  http://gifts4babykearney.wordpress.com/


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