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Pregnant Best Friends

Question:  What’s more exciting than being pregnant with your first baby?

Answer:  Also being pregnant at the same time as your best friend!


Some of you may already know that my friend, Jessica, is pregnant and expecting her little girl (Lucy) to arrive just 1 month before Baby Kearney is due.  It’s really been so awesome getting to share this experience together!  I only wish we lived closer and could actually see eachother during this wonderful time in our lives.  Thank God for our phone conversations… I don’t know how either of us would be able to handle it otherwise! 🙂

Well, Jessica’s baby shower is this weekend!  Here’s a picture of the awesome invitation that her friend, Lauren, put together:


Since I couldn’t be there to share and celebrate the day with her, I put together a special gift to send in the mail:


Inside all of that crinkle paper Jessica will find 5 very special baby items – all of which I also purchased for myself!  I thought it would be fun for us to try out a few of the highly recommended baby products together.

Based mostly on internet reviews, blog posts from real moms, and recommendations from other friends, I picked out the following “must-haves” for us to try:

1.  Kushies Portable Changing Pad

2.  Sassy Links Rattle

3.  Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Straps

4.  Bumkins Waterproof SuperBib

5.  WubbaNub Pacifier

Then, I put together a little print-out for Jessica with pictures and explaining why each item is so highly recommended by other moms.



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