Bumpdate ~ 26 weeks


**I believe I reached a noteworthy milestone this week:  When I sit down, my boobs now rest on top of my belly!  It’s hard to tell which grew faster, but they have finally met in the middle.

26 WEEKS  (we’re also under 100 days left until our due date!)

Baby is the Size of a:  Head of Lettuce

Gender:  Boy

Food Cravings:  Rootbeer and anything that’s sour!  Limeade and sour patch kids candy are my favorite.

Food Aversions:  I asked for a steak behind the counter at the grocery store this week, so the guy comes around front and opens the display case to grab the steak I wanted.  OMG!  The smell of blood and raw meat was such an overload to my senses I nearly threw-up right there in the grocery store!

I bought the steak anyways and had a little bit of a struggle getting it onto the grill.  But once it was seasoned and cooked, everything was just fine and I was able to eat it.

Movement:    I almost feel constant movement nowadays and he’s become much more active through the nights, sometimes costing me sleep.  I’ve also been able to watch my belly move from two opposite sides… like he’s kicking and trying to give me a high-five at the same time!

Maternity Clothes:  I’m still a little unhappy about my clothing situation.  Soon, I will probably have to give-in a buy a couple of new outfits that I can work with.  I did pick up a couple of t-shirts from Target this week:  Liz Lange Side-Rouched Tee.  Should work good for casual weekend wear.


Worst Moment of the Week:  Stop what you’re doing and take a minute to thank God that you’re not living with me right now.  My poor husband!  At the end of all this, someone should give him a medal for putting up with my bitchiness.  

This week, I completely snapped at him –get this– while he was doing the dishes.  He asked a question about where I’ve decided to store the tupperware, saying something about how it all won’t fit.

My lazy butt was already nestled-in on the couch.  So, in a fit, I got up and marched to the kitchen.  Then, started re-organizing the cabinet all while ranting about how “this shouldn’t be so difficult!” and “it doesn’t take a genius to figure out”.

The worst part about all of this… I still have yet to apologize for my behavior.  Sorry babe, I sure hope this is the worst of it but I’m afraid that it’s not!

Best Moment of the Week:  Following my angry outburst (mentioned above) I came across this fantastic website:  The Pregnant Husband.  And let me tell you, I have never laughed so hard for so long!  I actually had to take a break away from the computer so I could collect myself and dry my tears.

To all you crazy, hormonal, tired, irrational, and emotional pregnant ladies out there; please take a few minutes to check out this guy’s blog.  Laugh your butt off for a while, and then share this with your husband.

Looking Forward to:  Lately I’ve been so excited to check the mail everyday!  We’ve started getting a few cards and baby gifts!  I just love seeing all the cute stuff that our friends and family picked out for Baby Kearney.  I look forward to everything more that’s still to come!

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  “I can’t wait until the baby gets here…  because then it will finally be football season again!”

While it’s cute when he says this, surely he’s more excited about the baby’s actual arrival, not the upcoming football season… right? 😉

Newest Baby Item(s):  My friend, Peggy, from my old job in Omaha surprised me this week with a special gift for our little boy!  Now seriously, how freaking cute are these clothes?

47I really can’t begin to explain how much I love the little brown onesie with the attached tie!  And BABY JEANS… Ah!  I love it 🙂  She also snuck in one of those awesome muslin swaddle blankets that I hear are so wonderful.

Thank you so much, Peggy!  You are so sweet and thoughtful, you really made my day when I received that package at work.  And of course, you know that I took it around to show-off to all the girls I work with!


8 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 26 weeks

  1. I’m pretty sure our husbands LOVE us despite our craziness and bitchiness! I think it’s just part of the package deal at times. I also find myself picking fights or getting upset over nothing with my poor hubby. Hang in there, you aren’t alone!

  2. You’re hair’s getting so long and pretty!!! Your stories make me laugh, I am pretty sure I can picture you storming through that kitchen 🙂 Miss you!!!!

  3. Oh girl- how my poor husband could probably trade stories with yours about my craziness during pregnancy. Luckily, I think they understand!

  4. I’ve been doing the same thing to my fiance. I’ll snap at him over the silliest things. Luckily he seems to just ignore it most of the time and just give me my space until I cool off and come back and apologize. Usually it’s something we can laugh about afterwards.

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