Our Baby has a Crib!

A big thanks to my husband’s parents for giving our family this very special baby gift!  We were so excited about getting this crib set up for our little boy and could hardly wait until all the work was finished 🙂

011All the pieces out of the box and ready to start…

012Always nice to see a good daddy-to-be following the directions!


014A silly little broken leg didn’t stop my Dad from lending a helping hand.

015I swear I helped out too, but there was only so much I could really do.

020Here it is, all finished!  And Marley has already started his guard-dog duties 🙂

For more about the crib and other baby shower gifts, check our other blog:  Gifts For Baby Kearney, The Crib!


3 comments on “Our Baby has a Crib!

  1. Very pretty crib! I like… 🙂 They did a great job putting it together too. Don’t feel bad. I “tried” to lend a helping hand to my Hubbz, the best way I could. That was by laying down and reading directions & passing screws/bolts. LOL 😉

  2. I have the same sundress!!! Oh and the crib is great too 😉


  3. So cute! I want chestnut too for our little man. =)

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