Here we go…



Holy crap!  Really?

And to think… it’s only going to get worse!  I’m really starting to re-think this whole idea of having a baby in August!  Yep, not the smartest planning I’ve ever been a part of.


13 comments on “Here we go…

  1. haha..guuurl i feel ya, i’m due in september and we had a couple of 104 days last week. it was not a comfortable glimpse of the summer to come.

  2. If you send me sun, I’ll send you rain! I’m sick of all our rain and waiting for summer to get here, but I feel bad for you as those are some high temps!

  3. Oh no! Hopefully you have a pool to escape to!

  4. I can totally relate…Since we are only maybe two degrees cooler than you! It is SO rough!

  5. Time to take a va-cay back to the Midwest!

  6. ahhh holy cow and I thought us getting 90+ this weekend will be bad! Although I am still going to hide out some place with AC since we don’t have ACs in the house. Time to bust out the fans!

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