Bumpdate ~ 29 weeks

paint stripe


Baby is the Size of a:  Acorn Squash

Gender:  Boy

Food Cravings:  Pizza, Rootbeer, French Fries, Cake/Cookies, and Snow Cones!

Food Aversions:  No food aversions this week, but I have been feeling nauseous quite a bit lately.  Can morning sickness come back in the 3rd trimester?  I’m not sure… I could just be feeling sick to my stomach due to a lot of extra stress at work.

Movement:  I got my first kick to the ribs this week (which really wasn’t very pleasant).  It only happened once, shortly after I woke up Thursday morning.  I’m assuming he moved into some strange position while I was sleeping and managed to get a leg up there!  After I got out of bed, all of his movements were back down along my sides like usual.

Maternity Clothes:  Every once in a while, I have a lot of luck clothes shopping at Target… and thankfully, luck was on my side during my most recent shopping trip.

I found two maternity shirts and this really great maternity skirt (which I’m wearing in the picture):


I was also looking for new underwear because I’ve noticed that my pre-pregnancy underwear are starting to stretch out along the waistband.  While browsing through the intimates section I came across these No Muffin Top Hipster Panties… how perfect?!?!  At only $6 a piece, I bought 3 and I love them so much that I’m thinking of going back for more.  They look a lot like granny-panties, but I don’t care because they are so damn comfortable!


Worst Moment of the Week:  Back Pain!  Ugh, it just won’t go away no matter what I do.  I talked to my doctor at my appointment on Tuesday and she said it sounded like “sciatica” because of the sharp shooting pain in my lower back combined with the numbness I feel in my legs.  My doctor also said there’s not much I can do for it but recommended walking, using a heating pad, and having my husband rub my back.

Best Moment of the Week:    We started painting the baby’s room!!!  *See Picture Above!*  Yay, so exciting!  And I already love what we have done so far… but there’s much more to do.  The next step will be picking out wooden letters to spell the baby’s name above the crib.  I’m planning to paint the letters white and line them up inside the light blue stripe we painted on the wall.

Here’s my inspiration photo:

Looking Forward to:  My mom is visiting this week for my “long-distance baby shower”.  I’ve been watching the packages as they arrive, checking for a return address so I know which ones I should wait to open until later for the shower.  So far, I’ve got a nice little pile of gifts in the corner of my living room… just sitting there, patiently waiting!

I’m really looking forward to opening the baby’s gifts and getting to spend some quality time with Mom.

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  One morning last week, my husband rolled over in bed and asked how the baby was doing.  I said “Good, he’s just waking up and starting to move a little”.  Then, Justyn sighed and so sweetly said “I love our son.

Justyn has mentioned how much he loves this baby many times by now, but there was something so special about this moment… I could feel how strong his love was and I could hear how much he cared in the tone of his voice.  I’m really lucky to have him as my husband and this baby is SO very, very lucky to have him as his dad!

Newest Baby Item(s):  So, of course I picked up a new outfit for the baby while I was at Target!  How cute is this?  I couldn’t resist the hot dog shirt and then I had to get the shorts to match.

14467718_130401223000 14439351_130211143000


15 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 29 weeks

  1. I’ve been getting kicked in the ribs lately as well! Now understand why many of my mom friends don’t like it! 🙂 When I get hungry the baby kicks my ribs harder…I guess telling me it’s time to eat!

  2. So cute! Love the outfit!

  3. Love the new skirt and can’t get over hot cute you look! Pregnancy looks so good on you. The sciatic pain is NO fun. Mine comes and goes and has actually been better lately.

    I too have noticed feeling a bit nauseous the last few mornings! Not enough to stop me from eating, but it is definitely there.

    I too went shopping at target for a few things and of course left with a cute little outfit for our girl. The baby clothes have gotten SO much better there over the last few years and are such a deal.

    • Yes, the baby clothes at target really are such a great deal… cute & affordable!

      I agree that my recent nausea isn’t bad enough to keep me from eating, but it still makes me feel uneasy. 😦

  4. You look so cute and I feel your back pain! Mine has been out of control the past week so I understand and hope yours goes away soon. I’m excited to see how the room goes – I love the inspiration photo and that will look so cute. Good info on the underwear as I think I’m getting to that point, too.

    • Thanks, girl. And yes, this back pain is something else! Just last night I must have rolled over wrong because my back and my right hip/butt got all cramped up suddenly. I practically jumped out of bed in pain and started stumbling around the bedroom trying to get it to go away!

      My husband was laughing… and I quickly told him that it wasn’t funny at all!

  5. Cute skirt!! I just bought one very similar at Charlotte Russe and I love it. I absolutely adore your nursery inspiration. Your little guy is going to be sleeping in a stylin nursery. I was in the airport last night reading your blog and the daddy quote part made me start tearing up right there in public! I couldn’t hold back the tears…I got a few strange looks.

    • Awe… that’s so sweet that you started to tear up reading that. It’s such a neat thing to think of our loving husbands becoming these wonderful dads… isn’t it? Makes us love them that much more!

      • It really is neat to think of our husbands becoming daddy’s! I have a feeling our love for them will grow when we see them holding our child in their arms.

  6. Funny you mentioned snow cones! I’ve been craving those lately too. Have fun with your Mom this week & opening all your new presents!! Those rib kicks are not fun…our baby just started banging about really hard & it’s quite painful at times…no more love taps!

    • The pool in our community has the most amazing snow cones! They shave the ice fresh when you order and there are like 100 flavors to choose from. My favorite right now is the pina colada – YUM!

  7. Loved the baby outfits here! Those shorts are so cute!

    Thanks for the recommendation on the maternity underwear, BTW what nursing bras do you use?

    I really like the designs of amoralia, but they are quite expensive.

    Any recommendations you have would be amazing!

    • I wonder if Target still has those underwear… OMG, so awesome! I still catch myself wanting to wear those and baby is 6 months old now. My husband HATES them – lol 🙂

      I bought a really great nursing bra from ‘A Pea in the Pod’ to wear when I’m out of the house – it has nice form and underwire too. But when I’m at home I just wear a silly little nursing bra I found at target. I don’t remember the brand… but I really love it! So much that I just recently bought a second one. It has poka-dots and lace at the top. No padding or underwire or anything, so it’s super comfy. Also, I’m pretty sure it was less than $20!

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