Baby Shower Pictures!

Eventually, I will get around to posting more pictures to include all of the gifts we received on the Gifts for Baby Kearney blog page.  But until then, I thought I could at least share these pictures that my mom took while we were opening gifts last weekend.  We actually had a great time at our little 3-person shower and we were blown away by everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness!  Thanks to everyone who sent gifts and helped make this day special for us.  🙂


6 comments on “Baby Shower Pictures!

  1. Awww it all looks like so much fun!! I keep going places and think o I should have put this or that into that basket too! Baby stuff is just too fun!! Thanks for all of the pictures and not making me wait any longer!! 🙂

  2. This is adorable!! Serioulsy cute Prego momma!! Love seeing other baby shower posts!

  3. I love your outfit first off…You should be a pregnant model! Too cute! I LOVE the quilt! Did someone make that?

    • Thanks! That’s definitely my favorite maternity outfit (from a pea in the pod – in scottsdale). And yes, my Aunt made the quilt… it must have taken her forever to cross-stitch all of that! We love it!

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