Bumpdate ~ 31 weeks


Baby is the Size of a:  Pineapple

Gender:  Boy

Food Cravings:  Of course, all of my cravings are for things I can’t have with my new diet for gestational diabetes.  With one exception…  MILK!  Now, I’m not supposed to have milk with cereal anymore (too many carbs at once) but I have been encouraged to drink a glass of milk at mealtimes.  It’s been so long since I had a tall glass of ice-cold milk with dinner that I completely forgot how good that can be!  Now I’m wishing that I would have been drinking milk with dinner for my entire pregnancy.  Yum!

Food Aversions:  All of this heavy protein!  Eggs, Chicken, Beef, Peanut butter… I’m used to having one of these four items a day, and now I need to be eating 4-6 servings of protein every single day until the baby is born.

Movement:  I’ve read that babies develop set sleeping patterns while in the womb… but I have no idea when this baby of mine is actually sleeping.  He is constantly moving and if he’s not moving then he has the hiccups and I can always feel that too.

One morning last week, my husband told me that while I was sleeping he reached out to feel my belly and the baby was jumping all over the place.  He said he was surprised that I was able to stay asleep with that much going on inside of me!

Maternity Clothes:  Same old, same old boring maternity clothes.  I’m really looking forward to getting back into my regular clothes after the baby is born (well, not right after… but you know what I mean)!

Worst Moment of the Week:  Receiving the diagnosis of gestation diabetes has definitely made this a pretty rough week.  At first I was really mad about it, then I was depressed and later I just became really overwhelmed with all of the new information and things I needed to learn quickly about how to handle this.  And of course, I’m definitely worried about the baby’s health… no matter how minor of a concern there might be.

However, the worst moment of the week had to have been the moment when I realized I had just accidentally killed a cute little birdie.  It was the day I got the call from the doctor, and I was headed home from the grocery store.  I’m driving along totally depressed about all of the foods I can no longer eat and stressing about the need to test my blood sugar daily… then, out of nowhere, a bird flew right in front of my car!  I immediately looked back at the road behind me and all I could see were feathers everywhere!  And then there were tears, lots of them.  I was hot pregnant mess.  That poor bird!  Here I thought I was having a rough day… at least I got the chance to start a new one that next morning.  😦

Best Moment of the Week:  Celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary!  We had originally planned to go to The Phoenician Resort for their fancy-ass brunch, but considering there would be more foods there that I couldn’t eat than what I actually could, we decided that would probably be a waste of money.  So instead, we spent the entire day getting ready for baby!

We spent the morning sorting through all of our shower gifts and organizing the baby’s room.  I even got to run a couple of loads of baby laundry!!!  That was really awesome 🙂  Then, we made a list of items we still needed for the baby and went on a run to Target with all of our gift cards.  It was a lot of fun going through the baby aisles and discussing with Justyn what we may or may not need for our little guy.  We left the store with the diaper champ, a mattress pad for the crib, bottles, baby thermometer and lots of other little things.

Looking Forward to:  Ordering the rest of the furniture needed for the baby’s room and finishing the wall decorations.  It seems like with every week’s passing that room becomes more warm and ready for our little guy!  I’m just so excited to see it completely finished.

Newest Baby Item(s):  We had TWO baby showers last week.  So, we have a lot of new baby things!  Check out my last two posts for pictures:  Baby Shower Pictures! and A Baby Shower at Work!

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  One morning after a few cups of coffee, my husband complained “I swear, I’ve had to pee like 3 or 4 times already today!”

My completely unsympathetic response: “Really?!?!  YOU have to pee a lot… If I could just make it through one night without getting up 3 or 4 times then I’d be happy.”


3 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 31 weeks

  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog while looking for other Scottsdale bloggers. I recently relocated to the area, too. I’m originally from Nevada, but my family lives in Omaha now. My dad grew up there. I have a son who is turning 15 months this month. Reading your blog takes me back to the days when i was pregnant. I just wanted to tell you that my heart goes out to you for having to deal with GD. I didn’t have it myself, but I can just imagine how hard it must be to have to be so restricted in your diet while pregnant. I normally eat pretty healthy, but while I was pregnant I couldn’t stomach the texture of chicken at all. I had a really hard time planning meals because the thought of grocery shopping made me sick. I felt like I could actually smell rotting produce if I tried to sit down and make a grocery list!

    I can totally see where you are coming from with the quote from your husband! I was up every hour of every night to pee and had the hardest time getting comfortable to sleep. The life saver for me was a body pillow made by Boppy. My husband complained nonstop about me disturbing his sleep with my tossing and turning and getting in and out of bed! Anyway, hang in there, girl! You’re almost there!

  2. Hi Janet! We’ve actually moved from Scottsdale to North Phoenix since I started writing this blog… guess I need to do a little updating!

    Thanks for your sympathy with the whole GD issues I’m going through. Luckily there aren’t too many foods that have been turning my stomach throughout the pregnancy. And while going to the grocery store isn’t my favorite thing to do, I’ve actually been enjoying it a little… it can be fun trying out new things for snacks and meals. It’s surprising how much I’ve liked some of the new foods that I’ve been trying lately!

  3. Becky, I’m bummed to hear that you do have gestational diabetes… I’m sure in a few weeks you will have adapted and will be used to all of that protein:) I’ll be thinking of you though! Hang in there.

    How awesome that you had two showers!! Lots of great baby things are probably making it more exciting and real that you get to USE those things in only 2 months!!

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