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Bumpdate ~ 37 weeks

37 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Winter Melon Gender:  It’s  a Boy! Food Cravings:  Nowadays, I don’t have cravings… I just have hunger.  I really don’t care what I eat, I just need food (immediately) and it had better be good or I’m going to complain about it. Food Aversions:  Tomato-based sauce.  It’s the only […]

Bumpdate ~ 36 weeks

36 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Honeydew Gender:  It’s  a Boy! Food Cravings:  Milk, Fruit and Cheetos 🙂 Food Aversions:  Nothing, I’m just hungry! Movement:  Yes, all of the time!  Plus, he has at least one case of the hiccups each day.  When I ask my husband to feel the baby’s hiccups, he starts […]

About Raising a Boy…

While searching pinterest this morning, I came across this article on iVillage:  20 Things No One Told Us About Raising a Boy, and I just had to share! If you’re currently pregnant and expecting a boy, or if you’re already a parent to a little boy, I’d highly recommend clicking the link above to read […]

Bumpdate ~ 35 weeks

For this last month we’ve decided to take bump pictures every week instead of every other week.  I’ve read that the baby really packs on the pounds and the belly grows the most in the last few weeks, so we’ll see how that goes for us! 35 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Coconut Gender: […]

Bumpdate ~ 34 weeks

34 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Butternut Squash Gender:  It’s  a Boy! Food Cravings:  Fruit, Chocolate Milk, and Chicken Nuggets!  Yes, my cravings and eating habits are really starting to remind me of foods that a 2-year-old would eat. My husband definitely made fun of me for this snack: Those are apple slices with peanut butter and […]

Nursery Project: Swing Shelves

We’ve been working on the baby’s room a lot this weekend!  I’m waiting until the room is completely finished to post all of our pictures, but I’m so excited about this little project that I couldn’t wait to share. Earlier this week, I was wasting time on pinterest and came across this picture: I thought […]

Bumpdate ~ 33 weeks

I love my rocking chair and my little basketball baby!  Oh yeah… my dog – I love him too. 33 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Durian  Gender:  It’s  a Boy! Food Cravings:  Cheeseburgers!  The really thick and juicy kind that you can only make at home. Food Aversions:  Hard-boiled eggs.  I was trying to […]