Bumpdate ~ 34 weeks



Baby is the Size of a:  Butternut Squash

Gender:  It’s  a Boy!

Food Cravings:  Fruit, Chocolate Milk, and Chicken Nuggets!  Yes, my cravings and eating habits are really starting to remind me of foods that a 2-year-old would eat.

My husband definitely made fun of me for this snack:

20130705_120026Those are apple slices with peanut butter and cherrios.  It was delicious!

Food Aversions:  Nothing that I can think of.

Movement:  Yes, every week he’s more active than the last.  Justyn and I can spend hours watching the baby move my belly all over the place!

Maternity Clothes:  I got a new dress from Target, see picture above!

Worst Moment of the Week:  I hate to complain about being pregnant, because it’s truly such a blessing and I feel so fortunate to have had such a healthy pregnancy to-date.  BUT, I’m really starting to feel like total crap.  I’m getting so uncomfortable and I’m constantly tired.  I haven’t slept well for weeks now.  Every night it’s a struggle to find a comfortable position plus I’m making 4-5 trips to the bathroom.

The worst of my symptoms include dizziness/feeling faint accompanied by body aches.  A few instances have been so scary that I’ve actually called my doctor’s office.  They have reassured me that this is actually very common for this stage in pregnancy.  Plus considering my anemia and unstable blood sugar levels, they say it’s really no surprise that I’m feeling this way.  The remedy:  more rest and relaxation.  It’s time to slow myself down, but it’s so hard… I always have so much I want to get done!

Best Moment of the Week:  I somehow managed to squeeze my 34-week pregnant body into this two-piece swimsuit:

20130706_150619Woohoo!  Talk about a boost in self-esteem… even Justyn said he thought that was pretty impressive.

Looking Forward to:  We’ve got another doctor’s appointment on Thursday!  I always look forward to checking on the baby and making sure he’s still doing well.  Plus, we just love our doctor.  She always puts all of our worries at ease and usually finds a way to make us laugh about something or another.

Best Quote from the Daddy-to-be:  About my new dress, at first Justyn said it looked comfortable… then he continued to say “When you’re not pregnant any more, we can use that dress as a parachute!”

Newest Baby Item(s):  The bedding that we ordered from Carousel Designs arrived!

e440230d6e17560572d1493d61a20223This is the picture that’s on the website.  We only ordered the bed skirt, fitted sheet, and the decorative pillow with dots (pictured on the chair).


14 comments on “Bumpdate ~ 34 weeks

  1. You look beautiful. I’m counting the days with you and Justyn. Love you so much!

  2. haha, I had to laugh about your cravings, because my husband has said exactly the same thing about wanting to eat like a 2 year old. I honestly can’t get enough chocolate milk!! I also felt sooo tired at 34 weeks, but starting to feel a bit more normal. Or, maybe I’m getting used to waking up so frequently to go to the bathroom! Hope you sleep well during the rest of your pregnancy – or at least, better 🙂

  3. You look awesome and I’m jealous you could fit into a two-piece suit. I’m definitely too top heavy to do that! It is truly a blessing, but I completely understand and sympathize with the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy. For some reason the aches and pains seem to be magnified now. But just think, you’re only a few weeks away from meeting him!

    • Yeah, I probably won’t do that again… I kept checking to make sure nothing had fallen out! LOL

      We’re definitely in the home stretch now… we can do this! 🙂

  4. Your bump is so cute:) All belly and looking fabulous!

  5. You look so cute in that swimsuit! Way to rock that adorable bump!

  6. So jealous of how fab you look in a bikini! You are all baby! Way to go, I’m sure any other lady who saw you was having baby bump envy for sure.

    Sorry to hear you are starting to feel icky….not getting good sleep is rough when you have to get up and be presentable for work. I hope that some of these negatives subside for you. At least you are getting to the home stretch:)

    LOVEEEE your crib bedding set! Can’t wait to see how the whole nursery comes together!

  7. Hi…just found your blog. Love the colors of your nursery and you look amaaazing in your bikini. Good for you! Also, I think the apples w/PB and cheerios is a great idea 🙂

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