About Raising a Boy…

While searching pinterest this morning, I came across this article on iVillage:  20 Things No One Told Us About Raising a Boy, and I just had to share!


If you’re currently pregnant and expecting a boy, or if you’re already a parent to a little boy, I’d highly recommend clicking the link above to read all of this article!

Of course I’m not a mother to a son just yet… but growing up with two little brothers, I remember witnessing almost all of these things!

1.  There will be planes, trains and automobiles – My girlfriend, Jenni, has two little boys of her own.  She once told me that she believes boys are born knowing what sound a truck makes!

2.  Boys don’t stop moving – I believe this already, just considering how much my little guy squirms in my belly.

3.  Clothes shopping is easy – and cheap!

4.  You will love watching him play with his Dad – From the moment we found out we were having a boy, I started thinking of all the things my husband and son will do together:  fishing, watching football, working in the yard, camping, playing with the dog, etc.

5.  The penis comparisons start early – Oh boy, I can only imagine…

6.  You’ll learn to love Legos – Luckily, I believe I have a good handle on this already.  My brothers were obsessed with these things!

7.  Roughhousing is innate – Yes, I remember this too.  My brothers were ALWAYS wrestling around and they could easily find a way to hurt themselves doing the simplest of things!

8.  You’ll want to mold him into a stellar boyfriend – I’m already keeping mental notes for this one.  There’s so much to teach my boy about dating, understanding and respecting the girls.

9.  The goofiness starts early – I think the same could be said for girls, but the article mentions “potty humor” which of course is totally a boy thing!

10.  Even sweet-as-pie boys love guns – Well, okay…  I could see a lot of fun with water guns in the future.

11.  You’ll learn not to compare your son to girls – Basically, boys and girls develop at a different pace…  but we all knew that already, right?

12.  Star Wars takes over earlier than you expect – It will be funny if this is true for us, considering my husband has never seen any of the Star Wars movies himself.  I know… what?!?!

13.  You’ll probably make a trip to the emergency room – I’m sure… let’s just hope it’s only one trip.

14.  Sports obsession can be hard-wired – Uh yeah, we hope so!  Justyn and I were both raised with sports obsessed fathers and really couldn’t imagine growing up without that.

15.  Pee will be everywhere. Everywhere! 

16.  You will struggle with gender roles – I’m thinking Justyn might have a harder time with this… keeping my fingers crossed that he might at least like to go shopping with his momma.

17.  You will revise your wedding fantasies – and be fine with it

18.  Boys sometimes need to hug it out – I’m okay with this!  I’ve also been told that boys give the best hugs.  🙂

19.  You will throw away a ton of clothes – Boys like dirt, dirt likes boys.  I may change my mind about how much I enjoy doing laundry while my boy is growing up.

20.  Boys love their moms – Awe… I sure hope he does!  I can’t wait to be his mom, to hear him call me just that, and to one day get to hear him say “I love you”.


6 comments on “About Raising a Boy…

  1. i really like this! I always thought I’d want a girl first, but as soon as I got pregnant, I prayed for a boy. I’m SO excited to be a boy’s mama, and I can tell you are too!

  2. Thank you thank you for this post. I referenced your post in my own post today. I’m still coming to terms myself with the fact that I’m going to be a Mom to a boy. Such a different thing. I’m getting excited…

  3. I had pinned this in the beginning of the pregnancy when we first learned it was a boy…thanks for posting, it was funny to read again!

  4. I love seeing my 22 mo with his dad. They love playing RC cars together. He
    gives the most awesome hugs complete with a little pat on your back. And says “I wah (love) you, mama.”

  5. I love number 15- not love that it will happen- but it made me laugh out loud! I have two younger brothers and it’s absolutely true!

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