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Coyer’s 1st Week

Little Mr. Coyer turned 1-week old on Friday!  His 1st week of life has easily been the most amazing week of my own life.  Justyn and I are both so overwhelmed with love for our son.  We spend so many hours just staring at our little gift from God.  We feel so blessed and so […]

He’s Here!

Coyer James was born Friday, August 16th at 7:35am! We checked in at the hospital at 5:30 on Thursday night…  honestly expecting to be sent home.  To our surprise, after only 14 hours of labor, we were taking our 1st family photo with our son! Labor and the delivery was nothing like I had expected […]

An Honest Post: My Mental Struggle with 39 weeks

*Note:  It’s 2:30am (can’t sleep – again) and I need an outlet to share my emotions… so, why not blog about it?  I just hope I don’t regret this later! 39 weeks pregnant (and 3 days, but who’s counting?) – technically “full-term” but still days away from my due date.  I should be prepared for […]

Bump Picture Collage


Bumpdate ~ 39 weeks

39 WEEKS Baby is the Size of a:  Watermelon Gender:  It’s  a Boy! Food Cravings:  Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks from Olive Garden!  And cinnamon rolls… I really can’t wait to eat my 1st cinnamon roll after the baby is born – it’s going to be AMAZING! Food Aversions:  Eggs.  After one bad morning with a […]

Bumpdate ~ 38 weeks

I can’t believe I’m actually posting this picture of me… ugh, yikes.  But, I dragged myself off the couch to put on makeup and regular clothes just to take this picture. Obviously, I haven’t been feeling the best.  Things kinda took a turn for the worse last Wednesday and nothing has changed for the better […]

Weekend Projects

Justyn and I both finished a couple of little projects over the weekend.  His project might be a little more impressive than mine… but whatever the case, we were able to keep ourselves busy! Project #1 – Sun Shades for the Back Patio With football season and the nicer weather that’s just around the corner, […]