Coyer James – 1 month


On Monday our little Coyer turned 1 month old!  Yes, time seems to be going by way too fast… but it’s been fun to watch him grow and become more alert with each passing day.

I’m going to make this post short, so there will be only a few words with lots of baby pictures!

Coyer’s Stats:

Weight = 9 lbs, even (up 2 lbs 1 oz since birth)

Height = 21.5 in (grew 1 inch since birth)

**Ok, now for the good stuff – My favorite pictures from this past month:


Coyer still falls straight into a milk coma when he’s finished eating.  But seriously, how freaking cute is that?!?!  And those lips… I steal so many kisses from them. 😉


We’re still wondering what color Coyer’s eyes will be.  Mom has dark brown eyes and Dad has the prettiest bright blue eyes.  I’m hoping they will be blue like Daddy’s, but Dad is hopeful they will turn brown!


This baby LOVES his carseat!  He doesn’t stay awake for long after we strap him in.  We’ve made several trips to the airport (45 min each way) and he’s slept the entire time… even when his next feeding has been pushed until we got back home.


Someone sleeps just like Daddy!  His arms are always up behind his head.  So darn cute!  He’s even started breastfeeding in this position, cracks me up to look down and see him so relaxed – such a boy already!


Coyer gets to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bed on the weekends… just for a little while in the morning, after we wake up.  We just love snuggling up close to him!  So precious.


Baby is starting to get a little chunky!  I love it, and I love his round face and chubby cheeks.

098 White

On a cold rainy day here in the desert (ok, it wasn’t really cold… just a little cooler) I dressed Coyer in his cute little baby hoodie!  He was in such a great mood, so we snapped a bunch of pictures.

Also, let’s take a second to talk about baby products.

1.  Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper is a must have!  Whenever I can’t hold Coyer, he’s hanging out in this.  It’s great because I can move it from room to room and keep him close by when I’m cooking, eating, blogging, or when I just need a bathroom break!

2.  The WubbaNub is Coyer’s favorite!  It’s great because it’s the one pacifier that doesn’t shoot across the room when he spits it out.  Plus, it’s the cutest thing when I look over at my sleeping baby and notice that he is holding onto his red puppy or bright green frog!  Ahhh, I love it 🙂


Both mommy and baby got dressed up for church last Sunday!  We’re Catholic, so the dress is a little more relaxed and we don’t normally wear anything all that special.

Coyer has been to church 4 times now and he has slept all the way through each 1-hour Mass.  He’s also received one special blessing from our priest and two extra blessings when I’ve carried him up to the front of church for communion.


Look at that naked chubby baby!  My goodness, I love him like crazy.

111Just hanging out in his crib!  He’s not sleeping in his crib during the night yet… but that’s probably going to change soon.  Coyer is a very loud grunter while he sleeps.  The grunting is so loud that it’s keeping us awake.  I’ll look over to see if there is something he needs, but I always find that he’s still fast asleep!  So, the baby is sleeping great but mommy and daddy are seriously struggling to sleep through each night.  How crazy is that?!?!  Doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Okay… gotta run.  My sweetie pie just woke up and I need to snuggle with him!


14 comments on “Coyer James – 1 month

  1. So cute!! Omg… him having his hands behind his head like his daddy is the cutest thing!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. He’s adorable and I’m so glad to hear you had a fantastic first month!

  3. So cute. He is seriously a beautiful baby!

  4. Gosh, he looks like your hubby. And that pic of him in the hoodie in the bottom right corner? I die. Love, love, love!

  5. Oh my he has grown so much. What a sweetie. Loved all the pictures. Love that one of Justyn and Coyer sleeping. Son like Father. So cute. You look wonderful honey. Coyer is so blessed with such great parents. Love to you all

  6. Oh my gosh those photos are so stinking cute! He’s putting on weight really well. Charlotte’s been the same way! She was 11 lb., 2 oz. at one month! She is also a noisy sleeper, which kept me up for the first few weeks, but now I know her “sounds” and know when she’s awake and when she’s still sleeping – thankfully!

    I’ll be curious to see what color his eyes are. When do they change/stay?

    There’s something magical about a car seat and a baby – they all fall asleep in them instantly. Keep posting photos!

  7. becky! he’s so darn beautiful (don’t tell him I used a girly word like that, though!) – he is just perfect. We don’t sleep much because of the little squeaks and squawks while he sleeps, but I just CAN’T let him sleep in a different room yet.
    Anyway… do you know what today is? SDSU vs UNL 🙂 i’m a rabbit alum, so I have to be wearing blue today! yay for college football!

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