The New Rules of Mommyhood

Hey Moms (and mommas-to-be), check out my new favorite blog – Baby Sideburns.blog-797-128

Some may think this blogger’s writing is a little inappropriate… and that it might be.  But dang-it, she’s funny!  I like her.

Today’s post is awesome, The New Rules of Mommyhood:  “Okay, you know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of moms trying to make other moms feel like shit. I’m sure you’ve seen what I’m talking about. Moms bragging. Moms being all Judgy McJudgy. Moms giving other moms assholey looks. I mean being a mom is hard enough without other moms making it more difficult. Anyways, in order to make this world of motherhood a more peaceful place, I’ve come up with a new set of rules for moms to live by.” – Karen Alpert

I’ve been lucky so far.  I really can’t think of one other mom who has made me feel inadequate as a new parent.  I guess I can thank my totally awesome and understanding mom friends for that!  But, I know these kind of moms are out there and that really sucks.

Please, follow the link above and read these new “rules”.  Number 11 has now become my new goal:  “From now on for every happy, smiley, wonderful picture you post on Facebook, you are required to post a more realistic picture of a moment when your child was acting like the devil’s spawn. Contrary to what you may believe, this will make people like you more, not less.”

I think if I start trying to take a picture of Coyer during bad times (like when he’s putting up his best fight against napping… screaming crying in his baby swing) maybe I’ll be able to see some humor in that moment instead of wanting to run away crying myself! 😉

I also love the idea of “Frump Day” as explained in Rule # 12:  “From now on Wednesday will no longer be known as Hump Day. It will be known as “Frump Day.” On Frump Day, ALL moms will be required to wear fat pants and their hair in a ponytail. Dirty pits will be acceptable. Dirty looks will not.”

I hope you can enjoy reading this blog post as much as I did!

Lastly, because I hate posting without a picture, here’s one of my little dude.



5 comments on “The New Rules of Mommyhood

  1. Thank you for this! Why are other moms so mean sometimes. I have already encountered a few and it really needs to stop. We should all be here for each other. I am excited to read that blog! xooxxo

  2. I think every day is my frump day, haha. I love that idea. Lately I feel like, “A shower? What’s that?” Oh geez.

  3. Becky I know what you are talking about. I so remember those moms. I think every person needs to remember not to judge…life is just too hard lets be encouraging towards each other…we all need cheerleaders on our side.

  4. I think I’ll have to print those rules out and keep them in sight to remind myself not to be discouraged when the mean mommies/people are around. So awesome. I also stumbled across this blog that I thought was hilarious – http://mylifeandkids.com/

    Love the pictures! He’s growing so much 🙂

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