Our Week in Pictures

Remember, like a year ago, when I posted weekly pictures?  That was before I got pregnant and everything in our world changed… for the better, of course!

Well, I have decided to set a new goal for myself; to again post pictures at the end of each week.  My husband has agreed to help me watch Coyer for a while on Sunday nights so I can have some free time to blog.  🙂  Thanks, Justyn!

So, here we go… a few pictures from this past week:


Passed out after his EARLY morning breakfast!  We start our day around 5:30 each morning 🙂


This is my favorite Coyer face.  So serious.


We went to Autumnfest in Anthem this weekend.  Mom loved these little face cut-out things.  They made for a great laugh!



Our first family photo, just the 3 of us!


Hangin’ with daddy at the pumpkin patch!


Coyer’s new favorite game:  trying to fit his entire fist into his mouth!  This makes lots of extra slobber all over his face and clothes.  Oh joy!


Mr. Marley (remember, we have a dog?) is soon to become an outdoor pup.  He’s been really great around Coyer and totally knows his boundaries, but his high energy and over excitement is still super difficult for us to control.

So, Justyn’s recent project has been creating an outdoor space just for Marley.  Today he spent most of the day outside fixing the gate door to fit the opening just right.  I had no idea he knew anything about welding.  So awesome to have my own personal handyman!  Love him 🙂


6 comments on “Our Week in Pictures

  1. He is so adorable. I can only imagine how handsome he’s going to be when he grows up.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Coyer is getting so big. Have a great week.

  3. He is so cute! I’m 30 weeks and we have a very high energy dog as well (jack russell mix). My boyfriend really wants to put him outside but I will have no part of it lol. He barks alot when he’s outside and kids like to mess with him. People tell me this will all change when the baby gets here and I will probably reconsider keeping him in the house lol.

    • Does your dog jump around at your feet a lot? That’s what bothers me the most with our dog. When I’m holding my little boy, I always feel like the dog is seconds away from tripping me. I would just hate to fall while holding my baby! So yes, the dog comes second… gotta do what you gotta do.

      • yes he even runs in front of me a lot even while walking down my stairs which really scares me. I’m afraid that he will run in front of me while I’m on the stairs with the baby. I think we are going to have to get rid of him :(. We will see what happens though. I don’t plan on having him running around while I have the baby in my arms. He will be either outside most of the time or locked up which will be a big change for him.

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