Weekly Pictures


Coyer’s new “flirty” face.  He mastered this look just in time for his girlfriend’s visit!

My best friend, Jessica, and her daughter, Lucy, flew all the way from Kansas City to visit us here in Arizona!  Lucy is just 5 weeks older than Coyer.  Jessica and I had so much fun spending some good quality time together with our babies!

20131030_071421 20131030_071746

I love that bottom picture!  But really, both babies were so good for the entire visit.  I don’t know how, but they both stayed on almost the exact same feeding/sleeping schedule.  This was perfect for Jessica and I to get a little time with eachother… we managed a quick little shopping trip one day, and out for lunch on another day!  🙂


That smile!


On Halloween, Coyer had to get his 2-month shots (a little postponed due to a minor ear infection).  Afterwards, baby boy cuddled with mommy and slept like this for the rest of the day!  😦

He was awake for like 15 minutes in the evening… long enough for me to take this picture of him with all of the Halloween candy:


Tomorrow is my first day back to work and Coyer’s first day at daycare!  I’m ready… kind of.  Definitely a little nervous about it, but it’s just the next step to take.  Luckily it’s only a 4-day work week for me, so that will make it a bit easier (I hope).  Wish us luck!


10 comments on “Weekly Pictures

  1. Special thoughts of you tomorrow. That will be rough but it will be ok honey.

  2. First of all, he’s such a little prince 🙂 love that outfit, jackson has the same one with the monster on the butt!
    Secondly, good luck with going back to work. I have 4 more weeks of maternity leave from work, and currently I’m dreading goin back!! But, that’s life I guess. I’m glad you feel pretty comfortable with heading back, hope you and coyer both have good days!

    • Okay, so I know it’s only day #2 back to work… but I honeslty feel good about this! Yesterday was so much more relaxing of a day. I guess my “paying job” is much easier than my job as a momma? Coyer has a great daycare lady too – she’s the sweetest! I honeslty feel so good about leaving him with her. This new schedule feels so good. I like organization and it makes me happy!
      If the struggles of maternity leave taught me anything, it’s that I might not be cut out to be a stay-at-home mom. And I really can’t believe I’m saying that… it’s always been a dream of mine to one day get to do just that. I guess I never realized how much work that job would be!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love the candy pic! And his eyes are just gorgeous. =) Glad you had fun with your bff, it’s so cool you guys get to experience new motherhood together! Good luck going back to work!

    • Thanks! I had fun with that candy picture… but now, I kinda feel like I should do a similar type of picture for each of his 1st holidays! But, what should I do for Thanksgiving??? Put him on the table next to the turkey? LOL 🙂

  4. Good luck at work!!! I love the pics.

  5. Love the candy picture!! What a handsome little man!

  6. He is insanely beautiful! Heart breaker for sure!

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