Back to Work


1.  It’s not even 1/2 as bad as I thought it would be.

2.  Actually, everything seems better somehow… like all the pieces just magically fell into place the day I went back.

3.  I’m really happy and I feel great!

It’s always been a dream of mine to one day be a stay-at-home mom.  I thought it was my calling… I love to cook, I actually enjoy cleaning & organizing, plus babies and kiddos just make me happy!  I admire moms who have chosen to stay at home to raise their kids.  I definitely think that it’s the most amazing job anyone could do… but it’s not for me, not now anyways.

My time away from work on maternity leave was nothing like I thought it would be.  I really can’t remember what I was expecting, but I was certainly surprised by how difficult everything seemed to be.

The thing that I struggled with the most was sleep deprivation.  It is the root of all evil for a new mommy!  I know, I know… everyone told me to “sleep when baby sleeps”.  However, that is a lot easier said than done when you have a personality like mine.  I find it almost impossible to rest when there is something that needs to be done (i.e. dishes, laundry, grocery shopping) and I think too much, way too much!  A busy mind in the middle of the night will completely ruin the next 2 days.

Anyways… enough about maternity leave, this post is about being back to work and loving it!  Why do I love it so much?  Here are a few reasons:

1.  Self hygiene.  I shower everyday now.  I also put on makeup and get dressed in nice work clothes.  It’s amazing how just getting out of pajamas has helped to raise my self-esteem.  My husband actually told me that I looked “sexy” right before I left for work one morning.  That meant a lot to me… he didn’t say I looked “good” or “pretty”, he said SEXY!  Gosh, I really can’t remember the last time I heard that.

2.  Keeping on a schedule and daily routine.  I like knowing what’s next and having my day organized to insure I get everything done.  I have never been a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of girl.  I need structure to keep me sane!

3.  A break from the baby brain!  Even though I’m at work, I’m still constantly thinking about my son.  But it’s not the obsessive thoughts about feeding times, diaper changes, how long his naps should be, or whether he’s had enough play-time for the day.  Having something else to think about (my work projects) is actually a really nice distraction from all those crazy obsessive baby thoughts.  Instead, I just think about how cute he is and how much I can’t wait to see him smile when I pick him up from daycare.

4.  Lunch.  Everyday now I to get to have a real meal with good food… not just a handful of fish crackers and/or a piece of toast with some peanutbutter.

5.  I absolutely 100% treasure each and every moment I get to spend with my son!  I only get about 3-4 hours with him in the evening and 1-2 hours in the morning.  That’s only about 1/3 of the waking hours that I used to spend with him at home.  I just miss him so much when I’m at work, so once I’m back home and even when he’s crying, I just love that I’m simply in the same room as him.  I can hold him and just stare at him for the longest time!  It’s almost like he’s a newborn all over again.

The main thing here is that I’m happy.  The days are crazy busy and I’m absolutely exhausted by bedtime, but I don’t feel nearly as stressed as before.

When Mom is happy, baby is happy.  I’m a better mother this way.  Dad is happier too.  I feel like I got my goofy smiling husband back, and my happy marriage too.  It’s been a great week and I’m glad to be back at work and into the [new] normal swing of things.

IMG_20131107_073425The biggest change for Coyer; we wake him up in the morning instead of the other way around!  Rise and shine little sleepyhead.


7 comments on “Back to Work

  1. Love him………Love you! OH love Justyn too!

  2. Great post! Glad it was a great transition! My nephew is just way too cute!

  3. I love this post. I’m pretty sure I will feel this way once I am back at work for the same reasons. I agree, I have the utmost respect for stay at home moms..I think it is so much harder than what I do (and I teach 12-13 year olds every day)! I miss my job so much ! I love my babies, I do, but I also love what I do and can’t wait to get back in the mix!

  4. aww Becky, what a cute picture of him. He sure is a handsome little man! I can’t wait to meet him someday when you guys are back this way. Best of luck returning to work…bleh, I don’t think I’d ever be happy to return back to my office 🙂

  5. I am so happy for you! I stopped at work the other day to do some paperwork, and I realized my friends are there and I miss them! I agree, SAHM is not for me either! Thank God for great nannies and daycare!

    • Thanks! It is really nice to get back with my work friends… I forgot how much I enjoyed hanging out with those people on a regular basis. It sure makes a difference.

      And yes, thank God for awesome daycare providers… I don’t know what I’d do without Coyer’s daycare lady – Tammy. She’s so loving and already cares a lot for my little guy. It makes it so much easier for me to leave him each morning because I know the kind of love and attention he’ll be getting.

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