My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items

I was inspired by a couple of my blogging friends to write this post after I enjoyed reading similar posts on their blogs:  From Carin – Items we couldn’t live without & those that are collecting dust… and From Summer –  Baby Items We Love (and Don’t) for Months 0-3

My post is a little different since I’m not writing about the baby items I don’t like. Honestly, in one way or another, I’m using everything we’ve got!  Well, everything except the swing – unfortunately Coyer’s not a big fan of that thing.

Here are my favorite baby items that I’ve used during Coyer’s first 3 months:

1. The WubbaNub Pacifier

wubbanubWe have two of these, a dog and a frog.  These are the only two pacifiers that Coyer has ever used!  This pacifier actually stays in his mouth without me holding it there.  With the extra weight from the stuffed animal, it doesn’t fly out across the room when he spits it out, instead it just drops right next to him.  The bright colors and bigger size always makes it easy to find in a rush… which really helps when all of a sudden baby starts crying (like in church).

Plus, aren’t they just the cutest things?  I love it when I see Coyer holding onto his little animal friend.  So sweet.

2. Snuza Movement Monitor

snuzaCredit goes to my husband for finding this movement monitor!  He did so much research on baby monitors before deciding on this one.  This little thing clips right onto the front of the baby’s diaper and has a small green light that blinks every time it senses a movement from the tiny little breathes the baby takes.  If it doesn’t sense a movement after 15 seconds then it sounds an alarm.  So awesome!  It really helps ease some of those new parent worries while the baby sleeps.  My biggest regret with this thing is that I decided (against my husband’s opinion) to not pack the monitor in our hospital bag.  Oh my, if only I would have known how hard it was to stay awake for 48 hours straight… in total fear that our precious little baby would suddenly stop breathing.

3. Little Remedies Gripe Water

gripe waterOnly recently did I find out about this wonderful baby potion!  I called my best friend for advice after a rough week with Coyer.  He was crazy fussy in the evening hours and was only sleeping a few hours at a time through the night.  My friend suggested that it might be an upset tummy and that gripe water could help with that.

Gripe water is basically just sugar water but it also has ginger and fennel mixed in.  Coyer can be in the middle of his worst crying fit, but the second that gripe water hits his lips he’s instantly calmed.  I don’t even know if it’s really helping his tummy or not… or if that’s even the problem to begin with?  But, I do know that it really helps to settle him when nothing else seems to work.

4. Summer SwaddleMe Blankets

74300_sum_mi_swaddleme_2pk_monkey_fun_productI love these velcro swaddle blankets.  Keeps those flailing baby arms down and baby stays asleep!  Yes, there have been nights where Coyer has managed to wriggle his arms out of the top, but this works WAY better than any other blanket we’ve tried for swaddling.

Oh, and don’t ask my husband’s opinion on these blankets, he thinks they’re something like a medieval torture device.  But he’s not the one with the boobs, so he doesn’t have to get out of bed in the middle of the night when baby wakes up!

5. Piyo Piyo Nail Scissors

nailscissorsThese baby nail scissors were a shower gift from my sister-in-law, Carrie.  She has a little guy of her own, so she already knew from experience how great these nail scissors would be!  They are so easy to use that I haven’t even tried using anything else.  It’s very quick and easy to trim my baby’s nails super short (but not too short) to keep him from scratching himself.  So much better than spending forever filing the nails down.

6. Boogie Wipes

boogiewipesI really don’t think you even need a baby to appreciate the awesomeness of Boogie Wipes.  They are like the best things ever!  A yummy grape scented wet wipe made just for your nose… or, I mean baby’s nose.  We also use these for the kid’s entire face, especially after he spits up.  His hands usually get “cleaned” with the Boogie Wipes too.  Because these wipes are scented, they do a great job to eliminate (or at least cover-up) that gross sour milk smell after baby spits up.

7. myBaby Sound Machine

soundmachineOkay, I’m going to be super honest here.  My husband and I both swore we would never use a noise machine to get our baby to sleep.  As the parenting experts we thought we were, we’d say: “why would anyone ever create a special environment for their baby just to sleep? from day 1 parents should let their baby sleep whenever, wherever!  you don’t need any special kind of white noise for that.”  Oh we’ve learned a lot about parenting since those childless days!  Never judge a parent until you have a kid of your own… even then, it’s probably not a good idea to judge anyone for their parenting decisions.  Every parent out there is just doing the best they can do to keep baby happy.

Coyer needs constant noise to calm him and put him down to sleep.  Also, he’s easily woken up by sudden noises, so we keep the sound machine running all night long to help keep him asleep.  This particular machine has either white noise or nature sounds.  Our favorite settings are the ocean waves, thunderstorm, and the water running in the creek.

8. The NoseFrida

nosefridaYes, the snot-sucker!  Don’t knock it until you try it.  It’s been nick-named “the grossest thing you’ll ever love” for a reason.  It gets those giant baby boogers out like nothing else!

For those of you totally freaked out by the idea that boogers might get into your mouth.  That has never happened to me, no matter how hard I’ve tried to suck!  There’s a little filter in there to block the nasties and really, I don’t even think it would be possible for those baby boogers to make it all the way up that skinny tube and into your mouth.  😉

9. Boon Grass Drying Rack

dryingrackThis grass drying rack has been sitting next to our kitchen sink since before Coyer was born.  It never seemed like that great of a thing until just recently.  Now that I’ve gone back to work, I’m filling bottles everyday for daycare with the milk from pumping at the office!  Fun, fun…  not really, but this drying rack has made washing the bottles and pumping parts a lot easier.

We bought the largest sized Boon rack and the little flower thing to hang the smaller parts (like the bottle nipples).  It’s just perfect.  Everything fits and stays secure up off of the counter and uses minimal counter space.  And it’s not that bad to look at either… we kinda like it!

10. Chicco KeyFit Car Seat Caddy

carseatcaddyWe put a lot of thought and effort into figuring out what kind of stroller would be best for us.  For the early baby stage (while he’s still in his infant car seat) we decided this car seat caddy would be best.  Coyer’s infant car seat just snaps right onto the top of this caddy (added value: leaves baby in the car seat when asleep).  The caddy frame itself is super lightweight, making it great for running errands and getting in and out of the car multiple times in one day.  Also, there’s a decent sized storage area to use beneath the car seat.  Perfect for grocery shopping!  Definitely more grocery storage using this stroller/caddy than using a regular shopping cart with an infant carrier inside.


4 comments on “My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items

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  2. I love everyone doing all these posts about their favorite baby items! I do have to ask you about the NoseFrida because Charlotte HATES the bulb and she is always congested with our dry air 😦 Does it work well? She has some pretty stubborn boogers and I use saline drops to help loosen them up, but it doesn’t always work. Does it irritate their nostrils? Sorry for all the questions.

    • It’s very dry here in the desert of Arizona too! The only thing that has worked to get those stubborn boogers out is the NoseFrida. Sometimes it takes a little while, and I do have to suck pretty hard… but it works. I also use the saline drops to help loosen them up a bit. And, I haven’t noticed any irritation to his nostrils.

      I do have to say, that he doesn’t really like it when we start using the NoseFrida on him. But, he is so much happier once we get those big ol’ boogers out! 🙂

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