Baby Coat, Christmas Tree, and A Recipe

1Coyer has recently discovered what his hands can do.  He’s grabbing for everything now!  It’s fun for us to watch him play with his toys.


3This picture proves that I just might be the world’s meanest mom!  I got back from a little shopping trip and I just had to try this little baby coat on Coyer.  He was just a tiny bit hungry… and very angry.

But how cute is this coat?!?!  I know we live in Arizona and it doesn’t really get that cold.  However, it is pretty chilly in the early morning, so I think he needs something extra for the trip to daycare.

4We took a trip to Home Depot this weekend to get a new Christmas tree!  Now that we have a house, I really wanted to get something better than the wimpy little apartment tree that I’ve been using since college.

I may have been the only one who was excited about this purchase.  Coyer slept the whole time, and my husband… well, he wasn’t exactly happy with the price tag.  I sweet talked him into it though, explaining that we’d use this same tree for many, many more years to come and that we just had to get the 9′ pre-lit tree because we have tall ceilings and now we don’t have to mess with those awful strings of lights.

5I made this Mediterranean Chicken with Rosemary Orzo for dinner one night this week.  It was pretty good… but most importantly, it was very quick and easy!

6Hanging out in our pajamas and watching football with Dad.

7I love our video monitor.  I also love my husband.  It’s so heart warming to watch him care for our baby while he is putting him to bed for the night.  Precious moments.


13 comments on “Baby Coat, Christmas Tree, and A Recipe

  1. Hehe, we had a nearly identical tree shopping experience last Monday – Jesse was all, “don’t we have a tree already? why do we need to spend so much??” the tree he was referring to is 3 feet tall – it fit nicely in our apartment! But now that we have a house, I wanted a real size tree. And Jackson slept through the whole thing, too! 🙂

    • That’s funny. Boys… they just don’t understand. Justyn joked that I should have got him a little tipsy before we went to the store. Maybe then it wouldn’t have been so hard to convince him to spend his hard-earned money on a Christmas tree. Ha!

  2. Pre-lit trees are totally worth it! I am sure it will look great! And I love Coyers new coat! Too cute!

  3. I love those coats with ears. They’re too adorable.

    Pre – lit trees are so worth it. Christmas lights are so expensive. I’m sure you’re husband will get over the price soon enough. 🙂

    • Yeah, I think he’s already over it. He’s excited for the new tree too… tries to hide it, but I know how he really feels!

      And the ears on the coat… totally the only reason I bought it.

      • Haha! Men are so silly sometimes. I bet hell be even more excited about when Cover notices the tree and stares at in amazement.

        Exactly. The ears are always the selling point. We got Lilah one, but hers is from Walmart. Carters didn’t have her size when we were looking for a jacket for her.

  4. So fun shopping for a tree! I talked my hubby into getting a second tree for the kids’ play room last year. I LOVE Christmastime!

    And it WILL get cold enough for that sweatshirt. I promise. xoxo

    • I’m a sucker for Christmastime too! So excited for this year to celebrate with our new little family 🙂

      We’ve already bought a little toy for Coyer. It will be so hard to not go crazy with gifts for him!

  5. Love the update! I’m so behind on blog reading…hope you are doing great! This new mom thing is no joke, haha!

    • Yeah, no joke at all! Hopefully Winter is still sleeping a lot through the day. Things started to get really crazy for me once Coyer started staying awake for longer periods through the day. Ah!

      • Oh I bet! She still is sleeping a fair amount, but that ratio is quickly changing. when she is awake, she wants ATTENTION… I can’t imagine how much tougher it gets as they get older!

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