Ready, Set, Go…

Things are about to get crazy busy around here!  We have so many fun things to look forward to in the next few days, but this new Mom has a lot of work to do in preparation.  So, here we go…

*Thanksgiving Tomorrow

We are getting together with some of our friends here in Phoenix for a big Friends & Family Thanksgiving.  This is the same place we celebrated the holiday last year… just before I got pregnant:


Last year was pretty awesome.  Perfect weather, lots of drinks, great food and some fun conversations with a few interesting people!

This year they are expecting 20-some people to be there, plus some guy from Survivor.  Hmmmm… that could be interesting?  Hopefully this guy will be as cool to talk to as that dancing couple from Bulgaria that sat at our table last year.  So many awesome stories!  Makes me feel like I’ve lived a pretty boring life though.  Ha!

We will spend most of the day away from home tomorrow.  So, that will definitely be interesting with Coyer!  I’m sure I’ll be half-manic while trying to figure out feedings, naps and diaper changes in between all of the holiday happenings.  But that will be nothing compared to this Sunday when Coyer get’s baptized!

*Coyer’s Baptism

Our sweet little baby will be baptized to the Catholic Church on Sunday!  Both Justyn and I have been looking forward to this day since the first time we attended mass once we knew I was pregnant.  It’s going to be such a proud and wonderful moment for us, I’m sure!

Coyer’s Godfather, Uncle Aaryn, plus Grammy and Papa will be flying in this Saturday morning for the big event.  They’ll be staying with us for just two nights before heading back home.  It will be Coyer’s first time meeting his Uncle Aaryn, and I’m sure Grammy and Papa will be blown away by how much Coyer has grown since they saw him last (at 2 weeks old!).

After the baptism on Sunday, we will be having a small little reception at our house for a few friends and family.  I’ve got an ice cream cake ordered and plan to make BBQ sandwiches for everyone.  I’ll also put together some easy snacks.  When I say “easy” I mean easy like opening a bag of chips! 🙂

Now, we just have to find some time before Sunday to get the house cleaned…  ummm, not sure if that will actually happen.  Bad planning on my part (Thanksgiving and the baptism for the same weekend?) but I really didn’t expect to be spending all of my free time up untill now just trying to find a new daycare for Coyer.  Ahhhh!

*New Daycare

The sweet, amazing, perfect and wonderful childcare provider we found for Coyer (Tammy) has recently decided she needs to go back to work starting next week.  Total bummer!  Today was actually her last day watching Coyer.  I gave Tammy a hug when I dropped him off this morning and I could tell that we were both holding back tears!  Very sad to see such a great thing come to an end so soon.

So, the last two weeks have been a bit of a scramble to find something new for Coyer.  It’s such a hard thing to rush… anyone who has put their child in daycare will understand how difficult of a decision it is to make.  And the expense!  Wow, it’s really like a second mortgage payment.  But, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny to know that your baby is in good hands.

Monday will be Coyer’s first day at the new daycare.  I feel okay about it… not great, not bad, it’s just not Tammy!  I think I’m still bummed and a little sad about it all.  I’m sure Monday might be a little rough for me, especially after such a crazy holiday weekend.  I hope I can stay somewhat strong, but I might have to take a minute to cry it out in the bathroom! 😉

*Thanksgiving Eve

Right now, I’m a little nervous while waiting at the starting line for this crazy race of a holiday weekend that’s about to begin.  I hope I’ll be able to keep on track and not lose too much of my sanity before it’s all over!

I’ll probably be away from the blogging world for a little while.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend with their families and friends.  Enjoy the food, relax with a drink (or two) and have fun shopping!


3 comments on “Ready, Set, Go…

  1. Golly, this sounds like our family! We’re hosting my family (just my mom, stepdad, dad and brother) for Thanksgiving tomorrow, then NEXT Sunday, Dec. 8, is our girls’ baptism, also into the Catholic church! And we’re expecting 15 people plus a couple of kiddos at our house afterward for a light lunch and cake…for which I have to plan and prepare. I’m thinking of getting a bunch of deli ham and rolls, plus a cake and some easy sides, like a veggie tray and chips and dip. Great minds think alike, eh? Good luck this week; can’t wait to see pics from little man’s baptism!

  2. You got this mama! You do have a lot on your plate! Just know that in hindsight it will all be perfect because you will have had your first thanksgiving with little C and he will be a little Catholic! Now he and Hadley can get married in the Catholic Church in 25 years 🙂
    Sending you so so so much love!

  3. I hope today is going ok. That must have been a huge bummer finding out you had to scramble to find new daycare. Hope all is well….Coyer will love it, I’m sure! Happy Thanksgiving!

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