Coyer’s First Christmas

The kid absolutely LOVED Christmas!  I never even imagined that his reaction to opening presents would be so awesome.  The wrapping was definitely his favorite – the bright shiny colors, the crinkle sound it made, and the way it felt in his mouth! 🙂

Coyer was also very curious about each one of his gifts.  He has played with everything already!  Both his dad and I were impressed by how quickly he seemed to figure out how his new toys worked.  It’s so much fun to watch as he learns new things… and it makes us proud to see his development!

We had loads fun and took many pictures!  Here are just a few  a bunch of pictures that we’d like to share:

Opening Gifts on Christmas Morning

10 11 12 13 14 15

Christmas Eve – Before we left for Mass


Skype Christmas with the Kearney family back in Nebraska

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


10 comments on “Coyer’s First Christmas

  1. So handsome and so fun! Jaxon slept through present opening, but one toy we got him he loves and smiles at. A crinkle teething elephant. I am looking forward to next year! Coyer is going to be a blast come his first birthday with present opening, pro by then!

  2. What a special First Christmas for you all. Thanks for sharing with us. Love to you all.

  3. Great pictures, thanks for sharing

  4. Aww – he’s just too cute! Love the one of him smiling with the Christmas present! Paula got us that sleeper for Christmas, but unfortunately his room is too warm even with the vent closed to wear fleece sleepers. 😦 Sorry to hear you guys were so sick & you had to choose a new daycare….sounds rough, but looks like you guys are on the mend & doing well! 🙂 Mindy

    • Dang, that’s a bummer about the fleece sleepers. Those are my favorite, Coyer is just so darn snuggly whenever we dress him in one! And the sickness definitely sucks, but it’s just part of it. Everyone says that babies who go to daycare early on build up a pretty good immune system by the time they start preschool/kindergarten. Here’s hoping that will be true for us! Give Harper a little loving from me… hope you all are enjoying the holidays 🙂

  5. I just love his face! He just looks so intrigued by the presents! Cute! Miss you!!!

  6. How cute is he?? Looks like he just loved Christmas!! Winter wasn’t quite as involved in the process as Coyer, but it makes me excited for next year 🙂 As always, he is super duper adorable!

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