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Just Because

I decided to take a minute over today’s lunch break to share a few new pictures of Coyer!

20140118_120832If his feet are naked, they go into the mouth.  Gross! But, it’s still pretty cute.

20140118_151821Playing with one of his favorite Christmas presents.  He loves the music and flashing lights!

20140122_090155Awww… my little cutie.  Love him to pieces!

20140125_145633Out for a walk in the brand new stroller.  Facing out is much more fun than looking up at the sky!  He really enjoys all the sights around our neighborhood… especially the other kids, he is so curious about what they are doing.

20140126_125626(0)Coyer sits at the dinner table with us now.  He likes being at the same level as us and keeps himself entertained for a good 20-30 minutes just playing with that silly stuffed fish!  This allows just enough time for mom and dad to enjoy a quick meal.


That’s all for now!  Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week and have something fun planned for the weekend.  We are going to the golf tournament this weekend with Justyn’s family!  Be sure to watch the Phoenix Open on TV and look for us at the 16th Hole 😉


One comment on “Just Because

  1. What a stinkin’ cutie!

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