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My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

As a follow-up from my previous post My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items (0-3 months), I also want to share my favorites from 3-6 months with Coyer. *Side Note* It seriously took me almost 3 weeks to put this together!  5 free minutes here, another 3 minutes there, etc., etc., and finally my masterpiece is complete!  […]

This blog thing of mine.

I really miss writing on my blog!  If only I had the time to share some of the thoughts going through this crazy new Mom brain of mine. Well… now that I re-read that last sentence, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have time to document my thoughts.  Y’all seriously might think I’m loosing […]

My sick little baby boy…

Coyer got sick AGAIN!  Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Ugh…  when will this cold & flu season ever end? No more ear infections, but he has bronchitis now.  Poor little guy has such a terrible cough, so deep in his chest and sometimes it even takes his breath away.  He’s starting to […]