My sick little baby boy…

20140203_151832Coyer got sick AGAIN!  Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Ugh…  when will this cold & flu season ever end?

No more ear infections, but he has bronchitis now.  Poor little guy has such a terrible cough, so deep in his chest and sometimes it even takes his breath away.  He’s starting to lose his voice now.  It’s all scratchy and deep, my husband keeps joking that it sounds like he’s going through puberty already. 😉

Like any other mom, I just hate seeing my baby like this!  Plus it always seems like everything gets turned upside down when Coyer gets sick.  Sleep schedule goes crazy, baby is miserable therefore only wants to be held, I miss work and get even more behind, and we worry nonstop about how fast Coyer is recovering.

I just want us to be healthy.  For at least a week or two – PLEASE!  This is just so exhausting and stressful.  I get it now, I really do… when parents complain so much about their sick kids.  It’s really a vicious cycle!

Daycare – yuck.  I hate you.

BUT, I also love you.

Coyer is learning so much and developing so fast.  He’s such a social baby and loves meeting new people now.  The other 3 babies play so well with Coyer.  It’s absolutely the cutest thing to watch!  Melts my heart and makes me happy that he gets to go to daycare.

Then, there’s the baby artwork that is sent home for us parents:


Oh my!  It’s our very 1st valentine from the little sweetheart himself!  This always makes me smile.  It might be Valentine’s Day all year-long at our house.  Just so that I can keep this on the fridge to enjoy.  I love it!


12 comments on “My sick little baby boy…

  1. That is soooo cute!!! Too bad he’s sick again. That’s so scary with a baby.

  2. You may think I’m crazy, but when Avery was chronically sick we started taking her to the chiropractor. She went cold-free for 3 months, which was amazing for us. Got her first cold last week but re-cooperated in a few days. It’s been our saving grace.

  3. I just checked your blog – Oh no! I’m so sorry Coyer’s sick! Harper had a very minor allergic reaction to a new brand of diapers recently & it just tore at my heart, so I can’t imagine if he were actually sick. Hope he gets better real soon! Enjoy the extra snuggles in the meantime….:-)

    • Oh no! What brand was it? We’ve been so lucky with diapers… doesn’t matter what we use, so we just get the cheap Kirkland brand at Costco. I actually really like them. They do good for cheap!

  4. Oh honey hang in there. It hurts so much when your child is sick and you get no sleep it’s tough. It will pass such a sweet boy. XO

  5. Poor little guy! Sick babies are the worst!!! Hope he gets over it soon! I love the artwork! How sweet!

  6. What a cutie! We’re fighting off our first daycare cold and it has been so rough. Hope he feels better soon!

  7. AWWWW…poor thing. Hopefully this is the last of his sickness this cold/flu season. I guess his immune system will be very strong after all of this! Oh and I love his little footprint valentine:)

    • Thanks! Unfortunately it wasn’t the last of the sickness… he ended up with a double ear infection that we discovered at his check-up appointment 1 week after the bronchitis. Dang! Poor baby can’t catch a break. He is doing better right now though (knock on wood).

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