My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

As a follow-up from my previous post My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items (0-3 months), I also want to share my favorites from 3-6 months with Coyer.

*Side Note* It seriously took me almost 3 weeks to put this together!  5 free minutes here, another 3 minutes there, etc., etc., and finally my masterpiece is complete!  Ha.  I use the term “masterpiece” loosely. 

In no particular order, here they are:

1.  Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes


This is by far Coyer’s favorite toy!  The music, the flashing lights, the bright colors, this toy has it all!  He also loves to use the face/antennae of the handle as a teether.  Whenever Coyer is upset and I can’t hold him, I just turn on the music and hand it over… usually that will buy me at least 5 minutes to finish whatever I need to before I pick him up again.

2.  Saline Nose Drops/Spray


So, if you read my blog regularly, you know that we’ve had more than our fair share of sickness this year.  For baby colds, these saline drops do a great job of relieving dry stuffy noses!  Use these drops to help loosen things up before using the Nosefrida Snot Sucker that was on my first list of Top 10 Baby Items.  There have been many times when I’ve used just the saline drops when Coyer was awake in the middle of the night.  It would help just enough to let him breathe through his nose and be able to go back to sleep.

3.  Snuggle Puppy Board Book


Coyer loves when I read books to him, and this Snuggle Puppy book is our favorite.  It reads like a song… really, you can’t help but sing this book to baby.  It’s a cute short story and also very sweet.  The colors in the book are bright and some of the writing is very colorful too.  I’ve read this book to Coyer so many times that I actually have it memorized now!  “I have a little something to tell you and it won’t take long, the way I feel about you is a kind of a song…etc.”  It makes me smile just thinking about it.  🙂

4.  Munchkin Twisty Figure 8 Teether Toy


We have a bunch of teethers lying around the house, but this one definitely gets used the most.  It’s so easy for Coyer to hold and it has so many different textures to help soothe those teething gums.  It also twists into different shapes, making it a fun toy to explore using those little baby hands.

5.  Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy Straps


These toy straps are awesome!  We were using the ring links to attach Coyer’s toys to the stroller, carseat, etc.  But he quickly figure out how to pull the toys off of the rings.  The baby buddy straps have strong snaps on both ends, keeping the toys super secure.  Actually, the teething ring above is currently attached to the carseat using one of these straps.  I also recently discovered that I can attach one end of the strap around my wrist while I’m holding Coyer (like in church).  So when he drops his toy it only falls to my side instead of all the way to the filthy dirty floor!

6.  Bright Starts Grab & Stack Blocks


Great for little hands!  They’re light weight and easy to grip so baby can pick up and hold by themselves.  Two of the blocks have a little rattle inside and the other two blocks have that crinkle material under the fabric.  Coyer really has fun playing with these… and of course, they also end up as teething toys!

7.  Homemade Hooded Towel


My mom made this hooded towel for Coyer.  It was way too big for him those first couple of months… but now it’s just perfect!  Coyer really enjoys bathtime, but gets so mad when we take him out of the water (probably because he’s cold).  This towel does a great job of keeping him snuggly and warm!  It’s way better than any of the hooded baby towels that we bought from babies-r-us.  Those are way too thin and don’t soak up the water very well at all.

8.  The Original Baby Bjorn Carrier


Oh the Baby Bjorn!  Love it or hate it, this thing is really great.  Coyer is definitely a Momma’s boy and always wants to be held – by me!  He is a small baby (10th percentile) but still, carrying around 15lbs all day is a bit too much for my arms.  We both love this baby carrier.  My arms get a break and Coyer still gets to face out to see everything that’s going on (grabbing at everything too).  I’ve actually started using this when I take him into the grocery store with me.  He does so much better in the baby bjorn than when he’s in his carseat/stroller.  Plus he gets a lot of attention from strangers too, which he totally eats up!  Such a little flirt.

9.  Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair


We love this high chair!  It just straps onto a chair that’s already at your kitchen table, so it takes up less space.  Coyer seems perfectly happy with it too.  He’ll sit there and play with his toys even if he’s not eating.  It’s so nice when the husband and I want to sit together to have dinner while Coyer is still awake.

10.  The First Years Jet Stroller

lightweightI really wanted to get a very simple basic stroller for Coyer.  No need to spend a crazy amount of money on a fancy jogging stroller for this momma.  Working full-time downtown, I don’t have extra time for running.  Okay, okay… even if I had the extra time, I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing any exercising.

Anyways, this stroller is just perfect for us.  Coyer has been able to sit up in this since about 5 months old.  We usually take it for short walks around the block or down to the park.  We’ve even taken it on the dirt trail behind our house.  It probably wasn’t the best stroller to use with that terrain, but it worked!

It’s so lightweight and really easy to break-down and throw into the car.  It’s perfect when I’m not using the baby bjorn while out and about with Coyer.


14 comments on “My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

  1. Love this! My boys are 7 months but some of the things on your list I added to my wish list! I STILL haven’t gotten them high chairs yet (lol I know it’s ridiculous…it’s on my to do list!) and I take forever choosing anything but everyone has recommended the space saving chairs, kind of like what you have. Love the stroller too. We have the first toy pictured (Baby Einsteins) and my boys like it!

  2. Love my baby bjorn! We use it everyday for walks or just around the house to get things done. 🙂

  3. Charlotte loves the baby einstein take along music toy as well! She’s always pressing the button and chewing on it. And I agree that the saline drops are a must!

  4. Awesome! Totally just ordered those straps…Bennett’s been throwing EVERYTHING! Thanks for the tips. =)

  5. Reblogged this on Fashion christmas and commented:
    My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

  6. You just changed my life with this secure a you straps! I’m going to buy some today. Great list

  7. Did we get him that book? I know we gave you books, but I can’t remember. That Sandra Boynton has some cute ones, we read her Goodnight Book to Harper every night. He smiles & shakes his arms in delight every time! We also love that Einstein Tune toy & the blocks. Right now the tunes toy is his favorite. Derek & I each have a play area for Harper depending on who is watching him so I just wish I had 2 of them!

  8. Thanks for posting this! I will have to look into a few of these items:)

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