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Lookin’ like Mommy!

Last night we gave Coyer a bath and snapped an adorable picture… which reminded me a lot of a baby picture of my own! Wow!  Look at that!  He’s actually starting to look like his Mommy now.  🙂 Coyer has always looked more like Daddy… and that’s awesome, but it’s also so exciting to get […]

Coyer’s First Christmas

The kid absolutely LOVED Christmas!  I never even imagined that his reaction to opening presents would be so awesome.  The wrapping was definitely his favorite – the bright shiny colors, the crinkle sound it made, and the way it felt in his mouth! 🙂 Coyer was also very curious about each one of his gifts. […]

MomShare Monday

Here’s a new idea: On Mondays, I’m going to post all of the fun mom things I’ve stumbled across during the last week. Things like new baby products, interesting articles, quick & easy dinner recipes, and anything that makes me laugh. Hopefully my faithful blog followers will enjoy what I have to share as much as […]

Teething (?), Watching Cartoons, and Surprise Visitors!

I know it’s probably a bit early for Coyer to be teething already.  BUT, all he wants to do is chew on something!  I’m having the hardest time keeping his hands out of his mouth… although, it’s pretty cute sometimes.  🙂 We attached teething rings to his play-gym with those ring links.  Here he is […]

Baby Coat, Christmas Tree, and A Recipe

Coyer has recently discovered what his hands can do.  He’s grabbing for everything now!  It’s fun for us to watch him play with his toys. Confused? This picture proves that I just might be the world’s meanest mom!  I got back from a little shopping trip and I just had to try this little baby […]

Weekly Pics

Coyer hangs out in his Rock ‘n’ Play while Mom and Dad get ready for work in the mornings.  Dad loves making Coyer laugh with all of his silly funny faces! This is the reaction I get from Coyer when I make funny faces.  I’m pretty sure he’s already realized that his Momma is crazy! […]

Back to Work

1.  It’s not even 1/2 as bad as I thought it would be. 2.  Actually, everything seems better somehow… like all the pieces just magically fell into place the day I went back. 3.  I’m really happy and I feel great! It’s always been a dream of mine to one day be a stay-at-home mom.  […]

Weekly Pictures

Coyer’s new “flirty” face.  He mastered this look just in time for his girlfriend’s visit! My best friend, Jessica, and her daughter, Lucy, flew all the way from Kansas City to visit us here in Arizona!  Lucy is just 5 weeks older than Coyer.  Jessica and I had so much fun spending some good quality […]

The New Rules of Mommyhood

Hey Moms (and mommas-to-be), check out my new favorite blog – Baby Sideburns. Some may think this blogger’s writing is a little inappropriate… and that it might be.  But dang-it, she’s funny!  I like her. Today’s post is awesome, The New Rules of Mommyhood:  “Okay, you know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of moms trying to […]

Life Lately…

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I posted last!  What can I say… I’ve got a newborn to take care of now, so priorities have most definitely changed. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately: – Lots and Lots of Visitors Coyer has met a lot of family already – his Grammy & Papa […]